Administration Survey
As we reflect as a learning community, we would also like some feedback from you on our work this semester. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this reflection with us.
Professional Development *
Please check the boxes of the PD practices that have been valuable to you this semester.
Very Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Not Applicable
Far From Helpful
Expeditionary Learning in TN
Others' Best Practices Pres.
Your own Best Practices Pres.
September In-Service
October In-Service
Your Action Project
Weds. Faculty Meeting Whole Group Time
Weds. Faculty Meeting Break Out Time
Meetings with Megan
Meetings with Cory
Would you like to elaborate?
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Policies & Procedures Handbook *
How helpful is this document?
Useful for a bonfire...
Whenever I needed it, it was there for me.
What changes would you make or what would you like to see added to the handbook for future reference?
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Faculty Portal *
What do you think of the new design?
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In your experience, how approachable are your Directors? *
Specifically, Cory...
Don't know how to find her.
Available and approachable.
Do you have other feedback for Cory? *
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And, how approachable is Megan? *
Don't know how to find her.
Available and approachable.
Do you have other feedback for Megan? *
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Faculty Meetings *
How effective is this time used?
Sometimes I can read entire novels in the dead zones and I know we'll never get everything done we need to.
Very effective, sometimes I can't believe how much we get done, how centered, and how connected we are.
How helpful have faculty meetings been for you this semester? *
How would you rate your experiential (working) knowledge of Compassionate Communication in the classroom?
Some areas of use include mediations, conflict resolution, and energy management
Jedi Master
How would you rate your understanding of the Integral Model, when used in the classroom?
What is the Integral Model?
Got it.
How would you rate your understanding of Design Thinking, when used in the classroom?
I have no clue what I'm doing.
Got it.
In general, please rate the level of support you've felt from your directors.
I felt like I was on my own.
I got all the support I could have hoped for.
Please rate the effectiveness of communication from Megan and Cory.
I was in the dark a lot.
Communication was strong and clear.
General Feedback
Is there anything else you would like your directors to know about your experience this fall or take into consideration as they plan for spring?
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Your Name?
While you may choose to be anonymous, you can also let us know who you are if you have a specific question / need you've described (it might be helpful for us to know so we can address you directly if need be!).
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