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Dear Reviewer,

Thank you for agreeing to be a Reviewer of the mentioned Solution registering for Kambria NFT IP Program, a program aiming to enable innovators to license, monetize and protect their intellectual properties (for more information please check our Intro deck https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M4xDaUbptaGyCQ0gJdjMXTkq0riWKa91/view).

Your review would be very valuable for us to qualify and package this Solution for commercialization.

A License of this Solution would be granted to you as a token of your review work.

Please take a look at the Review process:
1. Upon agreeing to join the Solution Review, the Reviewer will receive the Solution package including Intro deck, Demo video, Sourcecode and Technical document.
2. The Reviewer will examine the Solution package and fill in this Review form with their opinions within 2 weeks after receipt of the Solution package
3.    A License of this Solution would be granted to the Reviewer as a token of our appreciation. Each Reviewer will also be rewarded 1M Karmas (Expert scores on Kambria platform), and become a member of Kambria Expert Network.
4. Mutual confidentiality: the Recipient agrees not to disclose the Solution-related Information shared by the Disclosure for the Review purpose to anyone without the prior written consent of the Disclosure or unless required to do so by law.
-      Kambria may share a summary of Reviewers’ opinions (anonymously) as Solution marketing materials. In case it would be helpful to cite an opinion with Reviewer's name and title, Kambria will ask for the Reviewer's permission.

Note of the IP Licensing model in this Program which could be helpful for your review:
1. IP License type:
-       Non-exclusive: the Licensor (Innovator partner) may grant similar licenses to others;
-       Modifiable: the Licensee (Solution seeker) is allowed to modify the IP to create and distribute the derivative work.
2. Revenue sharing: 80% for Innovator partner, 5% for Kambria and 15% for other Program Partners (Challenge sponsors, Referral partners...).
3. As Kambria Open Innovation model aims to maximize reusability and collaboration during development, the Licensee can also license out the derivative work via Kambria NFT IP Program if the added value is significant (more than 50%) and thus become a secondary Licensor.
-       When a Derivative License is sold, a royalty of 8% will be shared equally to all Innovator partners whose IPs are inherited directly or indirectly.

We understand that you are very busy, we hope that you could take some time to join us in this Program.
If you have any questions please let us know.
Thank you and best regards,

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3. Solution name / code *
4. From your point of view, what is the Problem that this Solution contributes to solve? (highlighting some quantifiable results would help for convinving) *
5. What are the Added Values that this Solution brings to the Problem? *
6. Who are the potential Licensees that this Solution can be helpful for? *
7. In what ways can this Solution be used by those Licensees? Any advice for the most effective application (that the Licensees can make the most of this Solution)? *
8. The next development for this Solution that the Licensor can continue to work on (or the Licensees may consider). *
9. How much do you think this Solution with current packaging could be priced (for 1 IP License)? *
With reference to our NFT IP Pricing Guidelines https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZJTGdIMSpHTUfubGiK8d2RCzX2p5HJ8H/view, please 1) classify this Solution by Development Stage and Level, then 2) suggest a price within the according price range.
10. What can be added to the existing packaging to make the commercialization more efficient? *
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