NESSE Member Spotlight Collection Form
We are a global network of enthusiastic and talented early-career sustainable scientists and engineers championing the advancement of sustainable living through empowerment and advocacy of sustainable scientists. Therefore, in order to promote member interaction and collaboration, we want all of our members across the far reaches of the world to get to know each other through our new Member Spotlight series!

If you would like to a part of this new series, please complete this form in its entirety by answering a few questions. We will use the information you provide to create a profile, as well as being featured on NESSE social media presences and in the NESSE Digest monthly member newsletter, we would like to use your information at NESSE attended conferences to display our network of sustainable scientists. THANK YOU for participating in our Member Spotlight series!

NOTICE: By completing and submitting this Form, you consent for The Network of Early-career Sustainable Scientists & Engineers ("NESSE" or "Network") to share the provided information on all Network-owned social media/networking programmes (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN) and other media that are in accordance with our Acceptable Use policies. Likewise, the Network will follow all appropriate policy and procedure to ensure maximum security and safety of this information.

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