Director of Operations & Strategy
As a Director of Strategy and Operations on the Tovala team, you will be charged with scaling operations as well as finding and implementing efficiencies and optimizations across our entire operation. You’ll be responsible for devising strategies and executing on making our process more efficient, higher quality and cheaper. You will focus on our food operation (everything from procuring the food to packaging to shipping), and support our oven operation, particularly as it relates to getting ovens to our customers.

About You

- You have experience devising and implementing strategies that yield efficiencies and optimize processes.
- You have experience managing people.
- You believe in taking a data-centric approach to decision making.
- You’re a team player willing to wear multiple hats and get your hands dirty.
- You’ve worked at a small-to-medium sized company or in a small-group work environment.
- You want to work in an environment that takes a people-first approach; values humility, integrity and ambition; and is focused on creating a culture that keeps people happy and challenged.
- You understand and believe in the importance of delicious, healthy food.
- You have an MBA.
- Management consulting and/or operations experience is preferred.
- You live in Chicago or are willing to move.

About the Role

We have built a product that is truly changing the way people eat at home. It’s convenient, it’s delicious and it’s healthy. We’ve only just started optimizing our operation, but intend to grow our strategy/ops team and leverage our engineering talent to build a world-class, state of the art food operation.

You would report directly to our COO and work with her to devise projects to make our process better, cheaper and faster. You would spearhead those projects, manage the people involved, and ensure that we are constantly measuring and tracking the effectiveness of each project. You’d work with industry leaders that have already figured a lot of this out to see what we can learn from others.

Our ultimate goal for our food operation is to have one of the most streamlined, automated processes in the world. We believe we can achieve that because we are as much a technology company as we are a food company – and we plan to use our engineers to bring a unique perspective to our food operation.

You would be tasked with working with our engineers to leverage their skills and expertise to help us build tools (both digital and physical) and create processes to make everything work better. This will run the gamut from how/where we source our products to leveraging different shipping methods/technologies to replicating processes across multiple, nationwide production facilities.

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