Cal South April In Service Video Review
If you would like credit for watching the Video Training complete this short review and survey.

To review the Laws here are the links:
IFAB Website:

2019/20 Summary of the main Law changes and Clarifications:
2019/20 Laws:

Presentation with Videos on the Law Changes:

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The purpose of this review is to provide referees with some clarity.

There is no pass or fail.

Should you get an answer incorrect review the LAWS, video or applicable text. The goal is to better understand how to apply the laws and best practices in our matches, for the enjoyment of all.

If you have any questions review the LAWS, notes, guidelines and FIFA's Analysis of Match Situations (considerations).

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Have fun...
Pregame communication between the Referee and the Assistant Referees is critical for the success of the match. *
Professional appearance and behavior is required when you arrive and until you have left the facility. *
Competition Rules and Game durations should NOT be discussed during your pregame. *
Which of the following are the Referee’s responsibility? *
Which of the following are the AR's responsibility? *
Which of the following should be included in your pregame with the coaches? *
Halftime is a great opportunity for the referee team to do which of the following? *
Which of the following are expected at the conclusion of the game? *
Who can be positively impacted by the referee team being professional and acting in a professional manner? *
How does teamwork improve the game?
What three (3) things will you include in your Referee pregame? *
What three (3) things will you include in your pregame with the coaches? *
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