Music Submissions Read Carefully
Please note: Rarely does an mp3 upload from a mobile device work to our Dropbox.
Even a small interruption in your signal will stop the upload to Dropbox. Use a desktop computer. If that is not at all possible, stay in range of wi-fi or data signal until upload is complete, but even then we can't guarantee we got it.

WCHQ only airs music from Kentucky and southern Indiana, south of Indianapolis.
We accept only mp3 music files that are labeled correctly, and uploaded using the link below.
If that is not possible for you,
mail or drop off a CD that has song titles and artist or band name included to:

2520 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville KY 40206

If you have questions about submitting your music, please email: However, do not send music via email,
it will be disregarded without the info in this form.

Music with inappropriate language will not be aired, make a radio edit if necessary.
Format the filename of each song as Artist Name - Song Title.

Please answer the following questions, and then you will be supplied with a link
to upload your mp3 music for our database. After you click "Submit" if you don't see the link, scroll up.
Thanks for contributing!

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