Fact-checking community: Where we are and what tomorrow brings?
In the past year, fact checkers have been on the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 infodemic, often pushing themselves beyond the limit to mount a response to dangerous health disinformation that is still putting people in danger worldwide.

But, while working tirelessly to respond to this unprecedented disinformation/health crisis, the fact-checking community is also rethinking its own place in various information ecosystems, both local and international.

So, how do we continue to work and network in the “new normal”? What’s the place of global, local and regional alliances in the fact-checking world? And what are the foundations we currently have to build upon in order to figure that out?

Our “Fact-checking community: Where we are and what tomorrow brings?” panel at Point Talks, moderated by Tijana Cvjetićanin, brings together some of the leaders in the fact-checking community, including Baybars Örsek, Phoebe Arnold, Tasha Sokolova, Ana Brakus and Gemma Mendoza, who will discuss these issues.

Full biographies of speakers can be found here - https://pointtalks.zastone.ba/speakers

More info: pointtalks.zastone.ba

For updates, follow Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/593440182051365 

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