LIL-CON #7 - Staff Application
Hello and thank you for wanting to be staff at our convention. This year it's 2 days. Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 28th. We will definitely need help and you will always be rewarded with doing so.

After submitting this application, you will be contacted with additional details about volunteering for the con.

Set up time for the convention is generally Saturday 10AM with opening of doors at NOON. On saturday we end the convention night at 11PM. Sunday set up is at 9:30 AM with doors opening at 10AM. We end the convention at 7PM. Final tear down and load out are shortly after which we try to be fully out by 8PM. Con Dinner is around 9PM.

All staff members will be able to attend the convention at no cost. Staff who volunteer more time shall receive higher convention perks.

We make it able so all staff can have breaks and things be easy so everyone can play in games/attend panels where usually you will do a 3 hr shift, take a break, and come rotate out.

Volunteers first pay the entry free of the day. Once your shift has been completed, you get your money back. This is to ensure volunteers are helping

Perks are:

- Those who volunteer for 7 hrs shift get in free to the convention that day for
- Those who volunteer 10 hrs get in the con get in free, and a Con Die and T-shirt
- Those who work the whole weekend get in both days free, Con Die, T-shirt, and Con Dinner (a good meal in appreciation of all staff)
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