The Enchanting Rose - 9th Tea Cup & Mug Exchange - September, 2016
Welcome to the 9th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange! I am thrilled to have you join the fun and I am trusting you will have a delightful time.

Please take a moment to read and properly fill out the form below. You need to click right below the question in order to fill it out.

I will be in touch with all of you throughout the exchange with updates and reminders via your email address. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at:

Also, please make sure you read the entire post on The Enchanting Rose blog which can be found here:

All the details and "rules" are mentioned in the post.

Thank you for participating! I hope this exchange brings you much joy and a friend or two.

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It makes me sad that I have to write this last question, but unfortunately sometimes there are ladies that sign up who don't follow through with sending a tea cup or mug. When this happens I always send out extra packages so that every participant has the joy of receiving something. This can be a big task for one person so I am asking for volunteers to be willing to send out an extra package IF NECESSARY. Please do not feel pressured to answer YES on this question.
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