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The Deliciously Dark Dolls is V. Domino's Street Team

In order to be come a member, you will be asked to:

♥︎ Post at least one promo post a week related to V’s books. As release date gets closer, you will be asked to post at least two a week on Instagram and Facebook.

♥︎ In exchange for an ARC, you will be required to post your review on Goodreads AND Amazon.

♥︎ You agree to do your part to help build excitement for upcoming releases by commenting on posts and/or sharing them when needed.

By signing up, you get access to:

♥︎ eBook ARCs for upcoming releases*;

♥︎ Promo Materials: (teasers, trailers, and more);

♥︎ Deliciously Dark Dolls swag; and

♥︎ Exclusive Updates On Upcoming Releases.

☆☆Books received through Deliciously Dark Dolls (D.D.D) are recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and adult language.☆☆

If you have any questions, you can email PA Vanessa rebellovepa@gmail.com
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By clicking 'Yes', you are acknowledging that Raiding Road: Cutthroat MC, book one by V. Domino is copyrighted and protected by Copyright Law. Further, by accepting an ARC of Raiding Road: Cutthroat MC, book one by V. Domino, you agree that you will not distribute, copy, or share your copy of Raiding Road: Cutthroat MC, book one with any person or entity without prior written consent from V. Domino. If you violate the agreement, all legal rights available, including a pursuing of lawsuit for breach of contract, which may claim damages including, but not limited to, lost profits caused violative distribution. Additionally, you will not post any spoilers and offending language in your review. *
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