Brooklyn RISE Charter School Community Input Survey
Brooklyn RISE Charter School is a new proposed K-5 school for the students and families of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Pending approval from the State of New York, Brooklyn RISE will open in August 2019. Cary Finnegan, the lead founder, is currently in the process of building community support, as well as gathering feedback on key elements of the school design. We thank you in advance for your participation.
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Are you satisfied with the educational options for children in your community? Why or why not?
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What are the major challenges standing in the way of student success in neighborhood schools?
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As a member of the community, do you think Sunset Park needs additional school options?
About Brooklyn RISE - A Proposed Charter School for Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Our Mission: Brooklyn RISE builds the knowledge, habits, and mindsets for academic success ensuring all students kindergarten through fifth grade are on the path to college.

Our Vision: The work at Brooklyn RISE begins with the steadfast conviction that all children should have access to and can succeed in a rigorous college preparatory school environment regardless of economic status, zip code, race, family education level, or home language.

We Believe:
- College begins in kindergarten
- Transformational teachers are paramount
- Data drives decisions
- Structure, joy, and character create community
- Mindsets matter
- Families are our partners

RISE Values:

RISE Motto:
With confidence.
With voice.
With purpose.

What do you think Brooklyn RISE needs to do to best serve the needs of the Sunset Park community?
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I am a resident of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and I support Brooklyn RISE Charter School.
Who else should the school's founders contact to learn more about the needs of the community?
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Are you interested in having a follow-up conversation with the school's founders? If so, please provide your contact information below and we will reach out to you promptly.
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