Oregon Area Food Pantry Volunteer List
In the weeks before each monthly pantry distributions, our coordinators email our volunteer list to schedule adequate volunteers who can work various shifts and complete various roles and tasks. Volunteers help guests select food items, restock tables, help with carry-outs, assist with registration etc. We assign tasks based on the abilities of our volunteers.

We look for volunteers for distribution days as well as various days we need help with community collections and community events. For those needing community service hours, it's important to realize that our Pantry is not open daily or weekly so it can be a challenge to earn a significant number of hours in a short time. However, we welcome you to add your name of our volunteer list and we will contact you as opportunities for service arise.

Lastly, all volunteers who work on Distribution Days must watch a Civil Rights Training Video and sign off that they have watched our training and understand it. Those links will be emailed to you once receive this form of volunteer interest.
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