Blockchain startup BitMari has teamed up with the National Society of Black Engineers to bring you a unique opportunity to tackle financial challenges across the global African Diaspora.

BitMari invites undergraduate students, graduate student, and professionals across all fields, including developers, designers, product developers, and entrepreneurs, plus businesses that want to embrace the idea of social innovation or initiatives that combine a positive mission with business.

BitMari is hosting a pitch competition where you could win up to $5,000 for sending us a youtube link with a 60 seconds presentation of your team's idea that uses Bitcoin technology and participating in our Global hackathon at the end of November.

The goal of the Pitch competition and hackathon is to help students across American and African universities to identify problems and challenges within their local communities and identify workable solutions using Open Source Blockchain based technologies like Bitcoin as well as the BitMari FinTech Platform.

The students must pitch in any of these thematic areas:

1: Solutions targeting Financial Crisis within African communities globally. E.g. Access to cash, funding & Financial Services.
2: Solutions targeting Humanitarian Crisis within African communities globally. e.g. Disaster Awareness, Prevention & Mitigation.

The teams will be judged on the following criteria: (10 marks for each criteria)

Problem Solving: Does the idea/concept provide a solution in areas relevant to the theme of the competition.

Presentation Style: Was the idea or concept communicated in a clear and understandable manner to the judges.

Technology Expertise: Did the team have a clear understanding of Bitcoin technology. Did the team adapt the technology resourcefully to solve the identified problem.

Product Demonstration: Did team demonstrate competence in developing a minimum viable product concept. Extra marks for actual demos during the pitch.

Students are advised to practice their pitches many times ahead of the competition to ensure they meet the pitch guidelines and judgement criteria.

Signup for the Pitching competition here!

A winning pitching team will be selected from each university for the final ONLINE hackathon to be held 1st and 2nd December 2017.

Teams will be REQUIRED to present working demos in a 10 minute pitch also judged on the above criteria. The online hackathon will be held and recorded via google hangout for where each team will select their team leader to present the final pitch and demo of the proposed solution.

The google hangout will be edited and uploaded and shared via youtube to all participants following the event. The goal is to ensure the entire process is available as a learning process to all participating universities and interested parties.

Hackathon Website:

All participations will receive a copy of The African Blockchain Opportunity Report(133 Pages) published by BitHub.Africa valued @ $30.00. They will also have access to learning and training resources on Pitching, Marketing provided by BitHub.Africa and BitMari.

There will be 3 winners in the final ONLINE hackathon. They will be awarded as follows:

Winners: 0.5 Bitcoin
1st Runners Up: 0.25 Bitcoin
2nd Runners Up: 0.1 Bitcoin

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