JONALDDUDD, an annual exhibition of conceptual works challenging the conventions of contemporary design, is now accepting submissions. Artists and designers using design as a medium for personal expression, critical analysis, and formal exploration are encouraged to apply. If your work advocates irreverence, while obscuring the boundaries between art, design, and craft, we want to hear from you. Punx not dead.

The 5th annual installment of JONALDDUDD will take place as part of NYC Design Week (May 10-22, 2019). This year’s show will continue to provide a broad platform for dissenting points of view within the field of Design-Art. Interested? See Submission Requirements for applicable details.

JONALDDUDD 2019 will NOT be accepting wall-hung works. Fuck walls. Please submit your free-standing, ceiling-hung, projectable, performative, audible, and scent-O-rama based works by MIDNIGHT ON APRIL, 7, 2019. Follow the link below, complete the required form, upload your work samples, and pay the $25 submission fee with the PayPal link provided. Also: send nudes.

Early submission fee: $25 (until midnight March 20th)
Later submission fee: $35 (March 20th-April 7th deadline)

Selected participants will be responsible for shipping their work to and from NYC. An exhibition fee of $100 per person (or per collaborative team) is due within 24 hours of receiving your invitation to exhibit. Further details, including shipping address, show location, sales terms, and relevant dates will be forthcoming.

All applicants will receive a response by April, 13th 2019.
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