Alt Ethos Creative Application
Hello from the Alt Ethos. If you are reading this, it is either because you've expressed interest in working with us, or we are interested in you. Firstly, thank you. We are humbled by the interest we've received, and are excited about the growth of our team.

Alt Ethos is not just another startup. We aren't the Uber for X, Netflix for Y, or Tinder for Z. We are forging a new creative economy of experiential storytellers; artists, designers, and engineers creating innovative projects for the modern world. Our values lie firmly rooted in collaboration, and we believe that wherever possible, the world should be building together.

In this light, I invite you to complete the following survey so that we can begin to assess the incredible amount of creativity and ingenuity coming into our local sphere. We are in a critical phase of our development, and are seeking skilled creatives to add to our network of contractors in 2019 and beyond to help us in building a bold vision and bold projects.

Alt Ethos creates engaging environments and transforms physical spaces into shared interactive experiences. We meld various forms of creative technology into compelling stories and beautiful moments. Let's design the future together.


Ethan Bach
Alt Ethos

Expect no more than 20 to 30 minutes. Thank you for taking that time, it is much appreciated.

** This is not to be taken as a formal evaluation or hiring process. We will follow up with each submission on an individual basis. We are slow to hire because we want to build lasting relationships!

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