MJDS Active & Creative Kids Rebate 2021
Maxi-Jazz is proud to take part in the NSW Service initiative as an Active Kids and Creative Kids provider. Vouchers can be redeemed from 1st January 2021. Some important things that you should know:

* Vouchers can only be redeemed by completing this MJDS Active & Creative Kids Rebate Redemption Form

* Valid Active & Creative Kids vouchers can only be redeemed once within the calendar year, and must be redeemed in full or the remainder of the voucher will be forfeited (as per the NSW government regulations). In the instance that one month’s tuition with MJDS is less than $100, the remainder of the funds will be added to your DanceStudio-Pro account as a credit towards the following month. Eg. If your monthly tuition is $82, $82 will be applied to the current month’s tuition and the remaining $18 will be applied to the following month's tuition. If a student leaves MJDS with this credit on their account, the credit amount will be forfeited as it cannot be transferred to another organisation once claimed.

* Due to guidelines provided to us by the government, funds redeemed with your voucher may take up to 45 days to be finalised and applied to your online DanceStudio-Pro account. MJDS will inform you of when the funds have been received and paid off your account so that adjustments to that month's tuition can be made.

* Vouchers can only be used towards the named student’s monthly tuition. They are not transferable to another sibling or student and cannot be used towards retail shop purchases or other MJDS events/workshops etc.

* Tuition paid for using your Active & Creative Kids Rebate Voucher is non-refundable. If a student leaves MJDS during the month in which the voucher was redeemed, there will be no refund processed for the time not attending our studio.

* Students must have a valid voucher number for both the Active Kids and Creative Kids if you choose to redeem both vouchers with Maxi-Jazz Dance Studio.

Please note, as the Creative Kids Rebate is a new process for businesses and is governed by the NSW government, changes may occur that may be out of our control and may impact the procedure for voucher redemption. Maxi-Jazz reserves the right to change or alter our information sheet and relating procedures at our discretion. Such changes will be provided in writing to our students and families when made.
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Thank you for submitting your Active Kids and/or Creative Kids Voucher. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the payment to be applied to your students MJDS account as per our Active and Creative Kids Rebate Information Sheet.
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