Curriculum Framework Public Feedback Form
Thank you for reviewing the 2017 Computer Science Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework. In order to prepare a document that will support teachers in the instruction of the 2017 Computer Science Standards of Learning, we need stakeholder feedback. The feedback will be analyzed by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) staff and the Computer Science Curriculum Framework Committee to inform any additional changes that may need to occur in order to make the framework an instructional tool that will benefit both new and veteran educators as they teach the science standards.
You may view the proposed frameworks at

For more information:

- Virginia Department of Education website:

You may also contact Timothy Ellis, Computer Science Specialist at

NOTE: This form has three pages available for you to comment. Please use each page for comments on a single aspect. If you have comments on more than 3 sections of the curriculum framework, please open a new response. If you have less than three, please skip any extra sections and submit.
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