Cardiac Rehab Survey for UK Patients only (2020)
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Thank you so much for helping us gain a better understanding of SCAD patients' cardiac rehabilitation experience. Please complete at least questions 1-8 but if you can complete the full survey this will be really valuable. To find out more about the survey and our aims see Any personal information you provide will be kept private and held securely. Read our data processing and privacy policy here: If you are not happy for Beat SCAD to store and process this information, please do not complete the survey as we will be unable to use your data. * *
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1.Gender *
2.Month/Year of first SCAD *
2. b) How many SCAD events have you had in total?
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3.Age at time of first SCAD *
4.Region you lived in at the time of your first SCAD? *
5.Following your 1st SCAD were you recommended to attend Cardiac Rehab? *
5.a If you answered No - why?
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6.Did you attend? *
7.Did you complete the course? *
7.a Up to what stage of rehab did you complete (inclusive)? *
8.How likely would you be to recommend cardiac rehab to a SCAD patient? ( final question for mini survey- thank you - please continue if you can!) *
Very unlikely
Very likely
9.Over how many weeks did you attend your cardiac rehab programme?
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10.What was your employment status at the time of your first SCAD?
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11.Primary language
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12.Language (if other)
13.How was your SCAD treated?
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14.If other - please briefly detail
15.Time spent in hospital
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16.Did you receive general British Heart Foundation literature? ( ie general heart attack literature rather than specific SCAD info)
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17.Did you receive any SCAD literature?
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18. Was any verbal direction given on how to find out more information on SCAD?
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19.If yes - where were you directed to?
20.When was cardiac rehab suggested to you?
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21.If other - when/how was rehab suggested to you?
22. How long after your SCAD did you start cardiac rehab ?
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23.If you never started rehab or stopped without completing- what were your reasons in brief?
24.What could have been done or offered to help you continue (you may tick more than one answer)
25.If other- please detail briefly
26.What initial assessments were taken before your cardiac rehab programme commenced?
26 a) What were your fitness levels like before your SCAD?
Very Good
Not Good
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27.How much were your rehab programme and associated goals tailored to your needs?
not at all
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28.Did your clinical rehab nurse know what SCAD was?
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29.What was the percentage of women in the rehab class approx?
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30.Where did rehab take place?
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31.If other - where?
32.Was the time of the rehab convenient?
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33.Was the place of the rehab convenient?
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34.Did you notice any changes post rehab attendance? If yes please tick the ones that apply
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35.If other- please briefly detail
36.Please list any additional elements of the rehab that could have been improved to make it work better for you?
37.Did cardiac rehab staff explain to other patients what SCAD was (with your consent)?
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38.Were you and your SCAD condition introduced to the rest of rehab group (with your consent) ?
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39.Was any kind of counselling or talking therapy offered to you?
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40.If yes - what was offered, at what stage and by who?
41.Were you offered post rehab assessment ?
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42.If yes- approx how many months following rehab?
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43.Was cardiac rehab beneficial to you?
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44. Do you continue to exercise now ?
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44. b) If no - what are the barriers to you exercising?
Any other thoughts, comments or suggestions you would like to make about your cardiac rehab experience?
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