Monticello School District Virtual School Registration
Monticello School District will be offering a Virtual School for the 2020-2021 school year. The following is a required application that must be completed in order to participate in MSD Virtual School. MSD Virtual School is open to all students who pass the residency requirements or school choice requirements for the Monticello School District in the 2020-2021 school year.

Parents/Guardians will be contacted by a school administrator and/or counselor to finalize plans for enrollment in MSD Virtual School. Parents will be contacted within 3 business days of completion of form.

There will be no cost for students electing to enroll in Monticello School District Virtual School. Students will be provided any technology necessary to fulfill educational needs associated with MSD Virtual School. To be able to participate in MSD Virtual School, students must have reliable access to internet services.

Questions for grades 9-12, please contact Monticello High School at 870-367-4050.
Questions for grades 6-8, please contact Monticello Middle School at 870-367-4040.
Questions for grades 3-5, please contact Monticello Intermediate School at 870-367-4030.
Questions for grades K-2, please contact Monticello Elementary School at 870-367-4010.


Student first name *
Student last name *
Current Grade for 2020-2021 *
Date of Birth *
Age *
Phone Number to Reach Parent/Guardian *
Home Address *
Parent/Guardian 1 *
Parent Guardian 2
Best email addresses for parent/guardian and student *
Current School of Attendance (if student is currently homeschooled enter homeschool) *
Person Completing Application and Contact number *
Reason for Referral to MSD Virtual School *
Person to be designated as Adult Learning Coach (the adult supporting student with learning at home) This is required for all students under age 18. *
Does the student have reliable internet service? *
Does the student have a current IEP or receive any related services? *
Does the student have a 504 plan? *
Please list any elective the student desires to take on campus (courses not offered through virtual offerings, i.e., OEC courses, CTE, band, choir, athletics)
Please list any questions or concerns you may have below. A school administrator will contact you with additional information.
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