Including salary range on job postings may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to greater transparency around pay in general, and greater equity in the field. It is beneficial to both employer and job seeker, and helps put both parties on more equal footing.

Not including salary range makes it easier for organizations to engage in inequitable practices. At the same time, asking job seekers to provide salary requirements and/or salary history perpetuates underpayment. These practices are not equitable, and disproportionately hurt women, people of color, and other marginalized communities. When employers post a job, they know they have a budget in mind, and the easiest way to avoid these big equity “no-nos” is to share it!

Let's celebrate the employers who #sharethesalary by lifting them up and amplifying their equitable practices around salary range transparency.

*If you see a job posting that shares a salary range and an organization doing the good work of striving for transparency, please consider submitting their information here so that we can honor them and their hard work toward transparency.
*If you know of an organization who consistently makes an effort to create an equitable, transparent hiring process by posting salary ranges on job descriptions and advertisements, please celebrate their effort by sharing their information here as well.

Note that this form is anonymous. We thank you for celebrating this effort, and appreciate your contributions.
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