Stanford: Install Chanel Miller's Memorial Plaque
Dear Stanford University:

On January 18, 2015, Brock Allen Turner, a Stanford freshman at the time, was found sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, “Emily Doe,” on the ground behind a dumpster at a Kappa Alpha Fraternity party. Two Stanford graduate students witnessed the incident and stopped Turner. In March 2016, Turner was found guilty on three felony counts, facing a punishment of a maximum of 14 years in state prison, but he was sentenced to only six months in county jail and three years probation. Turner ended up serving only 3 months of his sentence due to good behavior.

On June 3, 2016, Emily Doe's victim impact statement was published and took the world by storm. Her profoundly moving words resonated deeply with us as current, former, and future students, but reached a global audience and forever changed the conversation about campus sexual assault.

The site of Emily Doe's assault was re-landscaped into a contemplative garden in 2018. Stanford promised her it would install a plaque at the site with a quote of her choosing from her victim impact statement. However, the University rejected the chosen quotes and proposed some alternative quotes that provoked controversy, including “I’m okay, everything’s okay.” She has since removed herself from the plaque quote selection process.

On Sept. 4, 2019, Chanel Miller publicly identified herself as Emily Doe. Miller’s memoir, “Know My Name,” will be released on Sept. 24, 2019. We call on Stanford University, yet again, to uphold its promise to Chanel Miller and install a memorial plaque to demonstrate its support of the survivor community.

This petition is in support of Chanel Miller, as well as for all survivors at Stanford and beyond our campus. We are asking that Stanford University:

1. Publicly acknowledge and apologize for not upholding their agreement to use a quote chosen by Chanel Miller.
2. Immediately install the memorial plaque with the quote originally chosen by the survivor.

While Stanford University has taken many positive steps to address sexual assault on our campus, it has too often failed to follow through in its promises to support survivors of sexual assault. It is time for the university to uphold its commitment to both Emily Doe and the Stanford community in the fight against sexual violence. We must ensure that no survivor is silenced on our campus.

Stanford University can do more to address the prevalence of sexual assault in our community, and it can start by upholding its promises and supporting Chanel Miller. Words matter greatly, and its time to center Chanel Miller's.


Sofía Josefina Lago Dudas, Undergraduate student
Evan Peng, Undergraduate student
Shanta Katipamula, B.S. '19, M.S. '20
Kimiko Estella Hirota, Stanford Undergraduate Student, 2020
Maricela E Sistos, Alumni '18
Luísa Galhardo, Stanford BMC undergrad '19, Stanford BMI master's '20
Mariela Pizarro-Silva, B.A. in CSRE ‘20
Mireille Vargas, Stanford undergraduate in Earth Systems ‘21
Tenzin Wangdak, Stanford Undergraduate Student
James Rabe, Stanford 2020
Natalie Adams-Menendez , Class of 2021
Emily Lorin Ashkin, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biosciences
Grace Bagga, Class of 2023
Catherine Sanchez, Stanford PhD Candidate in Sociology
Enya Lu, Class of 2023
Sarah Lee, Stanford undergraduate, class of 2022
Estefania Ramirez, Stanford B.A Candidate in International Relations
Baylee Basila, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Elaine Park, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Tessa Lisanti, Stanford Class of 2021
Elizabeth Prosser, Stanford Master’s Student Latin American Studies
Niki Nguyen, Stanford BA Candidate in PS ‘21
Erica Scott, ASSU President
Christie Westly, Undergrad student
Caroline Aung, Stanford BA Candidate in Anthropology '20
Faith Esperanza Harron, Stanford 2021
Ruben Krueger, Stanford BS Candidate in CS '21
Madeleine Cassic, Stanford Freshman
Maxine Gomez, Undergraduate
Julia Eve La Puma, Stanford '20
Yusuf Zahurullah, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Jessica Seng, Stanford Undergrad
Ximena Sanchez Martinez, Frosh
Rinni Bhansali, Stanford Undergrad class of 2023
Layo Laniyan, Undergraduate ‘22
Jenna Ruzekowicz, Stanford Economics Major ‘23
Janet Martinez, stanford undergrad '21
Catherine Xiang, Stanford Undergraduate ‘23
Tara Shannon, Stanford MS Candidate in Biology '20
Angie lopez, Stanford student
Amanda Spyropoulos, Stanford Masters Candidate in CS '20, Stanford ME '19
Bryce Tuttle, PoliSci ‘20
Elizabeth Shah, Stanford undergraduate ‘23
Melina Isabel López, Stanford BS Candidate in PD '20
Rachel Rivera, student
Sela Berenblum, Stanford Chemical Engineering, BS, 2020
Hope Schroeder, Graduate student
Ryan Treves, Stanford B.S. candidate in Earthsys '22
Lorena Orozco, Stanford Undergraduate
Vianna Vo, Stanford BA Candidate in Human Biology ‘21
Sarah Goodman, Stanford Undergrad
Sabrina Medler, Stanford 2020
Mary Ostergren, Stanford undergraduate
Madeleine Morales, Stanford B.A. Candidate in Urban Studies ‘20
My Nguyen, Stanford 4th year undergraduate '20
Christina Galisatus, Alumn
Maya Dodson, Stanford Undergrad in IDEM ‘21
Iris Osorio-Villatoro, Stanford undergraduate
Vivian Lou, MD Candidate
Olivia Li, Stanford BS Candidate in Symsys '20
Shravya Gurrapu, Undergrad '20
Elias Galvez-Arango, Stanford Undergraduate in Urban Studies '21
Anna Chang, Stanford Undeclared Undergraduate ‘23
Gauravjit Sandhu, Undergraduate
Shikha Srinivas, Stanford Undergraduate: CEE ‘21
Shelly X Ni, Stanford Product Design '10
Eleanor Schroeder, Stanford Undergraduate 2022
Rodrigo Antonio Maldonado, Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2023
Matthew Zheng, Stanford B.A. Candidate in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies '22
Max Moss, Undergrad, class of 2021
John F Medler Jr, Parent of Stanford student
AnQi Yu, Stanford '21
Jessica Femenias, Student
Thomas Mansfield, Stanford class of ‘23
Mayahuel Ramirez, Stanford BA Candidate in Psychology ‘20
Sierra Knudsen, Stanford BA Candidate in IR ‘22
Elizabeth "Betsy" Kim, undergraduate sophomore, undeclared
Janae Rose Belk, Stanford's Society of Black Scientists and Engineers, Financial Officer
Diana Khong, Undergraduate ‘22
Ellie Chen, Stanford Undergrad in Product Design '20
Ethan Zachary Chua, Stanford Undergraduate in Anthropology '20
Faatimah Solomon, Stanford Undergrad
Liza Hafner, Stanford undergraduate in Earth Systems, ‘21
lulabel ruiz-seitz, stanford undergrad '22
Atlanta Rydzik, Stanford BA Candidate in Sociology ‘20
Dayton Myers, Stanford Undergraduate Student
Amy Chen, Stanford MSCS '20, BSCS '18
Gabrielle Crooks, Stanford B.A. Candidate in International Relations and African and African-American Studies
Brennecke Gale, Stanford Class of 2022
Jewel Matanane, Community Member
Emily Wilson, Stanford undergraduate in history, '20
Kaylee Beam, Earth Systems MA Candidate ‘20
Emily Elliott, Undergraduate class of 2022
Tierra Baird, Indigenous Female Student
Nnamdi Odita-Honnah, Undergraduate in Music Performance '20
Mary Mitchell, Stanford Student
Corey Baker, Stanford Undergraduate Candidate in Product Design '21
Maya Castillo, Stanford BA Candidate ‘23, Community Member
Bless Romo, Stanford Sophomore in Earth Systems
Sam Wolfe, Undergraduate student ‘20
Rachel Kim, undergrad
Rawley Clark, Stanford Undergraduate
Hugo Kitano, Student
Isaiah Drummond, Stanford B.S./M.S. Candidate in MechE '20/'21
Tenzin Kartsang, Stanford Undergraduate ('22)
Ricardo Guajardo, Alum c/o 2019
Tiffany Cartagena, Stanford Undergraduate ‘21
Sasha Dierauf, Stanford undergraduate student
Lara Spencer, Stanford PhD Student in Philosophy, Rains CA
Michelle Sarah Bao, BA '22
Yusuf Altimimi, Community member.
Kaleb Tsegay, Stanford Undergraduate Student
Alex Zaheer, Coterm
Nicel Mohamed-Hinds, Stanford alumni
EYUP EREN YUREK, Stanford Undergraduate Student
Natalia M Zamora Zeledon, undergraduate '23
Logan Pearce, Stanford senior in SymSys
Christina Nikitin, Stanford Undergraduate Student Class of 2021
Byron Williams, Stanford Junior in Computer Science
Clara Romani, Stanford undergraduate, class of 2020
Gabriela Uribe, Stanford B.S. Candidate in ME '21
Anima Shrestha, Stanford Undergraduate in Human Biology '20
Jeremy Rubin, Undergraduate Student
Sean Metzger, BS, MS EE '18
Rachel Lu, Stanford B.S. Candidate in MS&E ‘20
Erica Yeawon Hwang, Stanford Undergraduate Student
Serena Zhang, Stanford B.A. Candidate in International Relations ‘21
Diana Khong, Undergraduate ‘22
Ruthie Lewis, Stanford Undergrad in ME '20
Eleni Aneziris, Stanford Undergraduate in STS '20
Nathaniel A Ramos, Stanford B.S. Candidate in CEE '21
Mya Kegley, Undergrad class of ‘22
Darrow Hornik, Stanford Undergraduate
Julia Raven, Stanford Undergrad ‘21
Luke Miller, Stanford BA ‘19, MS ‘21
Caroline Keyes, Stanford Undergraduate International Relations Candidate '22
Emma Tsurkov, Stanford PhD candidate in sociology
Alexa Thomson, Stanford Undergrad ‘21
Amy Zhou, Student class of 2023
Rafeea Tamboli, Undergraduate Student
Jessica Dominick, Stanford Undergraduate
Ayumi Namba, Student, class of 2023
Riley Stanford-Hill, Frosh
Rosana Maris Arias, Stanford Undergraduate
Shayna Naranjo, Undergraduate
Alyssa Bautista Romanos, Stanford '21
David Yosuico, Undergraduate, Environmental Systems Engineering ‘20
James Li, Stanford Alumni, '19
Mckenna Beck, Undergrad student, class of '23
Shiree, Stanford Alumni '18
Jillian Rogers, Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2020
Katie Lan, Stanford Undergraduate in Urban Studies '20
Julianna Keipp, Freshman
Riley Seow, Stanford BS candidate in SymSys '22
Abigail Taylor, Stanford Student c/o 2021
Winnie Huang, Stanford Undergraduate in ChemE ‘22
Yanal Qushair, Class of 2021
Danielle Tang, Student
Sunwoo Kang, Stanford BS Candidate in Biomedical Computation '20
Arjun Kumar, Stanford Undergraduate in Human Biology '20
Francisco Irizarry, Stanford Class of 2023
Courtney Cooperman, Undergraduate student in Political Science, ‘20
Jasmin Marie Martinez, Stanford Undergraduate in CSRE ‘20
Daniel Classon, M.S. Computer Science '21, B.S. Computer Science Candidate '20
Christopher Tan, Stanford B.S. Candidate in CS '21
Max Smith, Undergrad- IR ‘21
Brittani Alyssa Garrison, Florida State University Student
Jessica Reynoso, Stanford Undergrad in Public Policy '20
Jenny Hong, Stanford PhD Candidate in MS&E ‘22
Carlos Valladares, Stanford Class of 2018 BA
Megan Schnepel , Community member
Taylor Butze, Stanford BA in International Relations, ‘19
Madeleine Lippey , Alum Class of 2018
Ashley Yount, UC Davis undergraduate, resident of Sunnyvale CA
Sierra Porter, Stanford B.S. Candidate in Human Biology ‘22
Charlie O’Donohue, 3rd Year Stanford Undergraduate
Fiona Sandi, Undergraduate student ‘23
Erin Wides, A supporter of survivors
Natalie Johnson, Stanford '20
Alaiah Faris, Stanford BA candidate in Religious Studies '20
Maggie Skorcheva, Stanford BS Candidate in CS '20
Helena Silva-Nichols, 20 Community Member
Karen Ge, Stanford class of 2023
Jassary Rico-Herrera, Stanford undergrad
Jasmine Ky, Student
Makena Low, Stanford Undergrad in EE ‘20
Eo Hanabusa, Bay area native, Undergrad at UCI with Stanford alum friends and family
Monica Pena-Aguilar, Freshman student
Natalie Longmire-Kulis, Student
John R. Oberholzer, M.S. candidate in Earth Systems, B.A.S. '19
Mel Guo, Stanford Undergrad in Math
Selina Zhang, Freshman
Carolina Borbon Miranda, Stanford Undergraduate Student, freshman
Nahla Gedeon Achi, Stanford Earth Systems MA Candidate
Amanda Milley, Undergrad in HumBio ‘22
Kayla Ninh, Stanford Grad Student Partner
Matthew Jacquez, Stanford BS Candidate in Econ ‘23
Lindsay Filgas, Stanford undergraduate
Sharon Tran, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Katie Tich, Stanford MS Candidate in SDC
Janet Titzler, Community member
Asa Kohrman, Stanford Undergrad
Celine Gandingco, Stanford undergrad
Jiamin Huang, Undergraduate
Mahie Wilhelm , Stanford Undergrad '22
Claire Robinson, Stanford Undergraduate, '20
Chavi rhodes, MSPA
Ashley Stevenson, Stanford Medical Student
Hannah Joy Root, Community Manager @
Crystal Llanos, undergraduate
Nathaniel Richard Lee, Stanford PhD candidate in Applied Physics ‘21
Sarah Kate Selling, Stanford MD Candidate '23
Christian Badillo, Class of 2019
Alema Fitisemanu, Student '21
Zoe Weissberg, Medical student
Rebecca Bromley-Dulfano, MS1
Alyssa Michelle Kehaunani Ma'ili Yee, Stanford BA Candidate in International Relations '20, MA Candidate in East Asian Studies '21
Alexis Kallen, Stanford Alumni, Class of 2018
Panos Vandris, Stanford B.S. Candidate in Bio '21 & B.A. Candidate in Comp Lit '21
Javier Salvador Covarrubias, Stanford B.S Candidate in MS&E '20
Kory Gaines, Stanford Undergraduate
Francisco R Izaguirre, Stanford Class of 2019, BS in CS
Ruby Elizabeth Reed, Stanford MD Candidate Entering Class of '19
Jocelyn Brody, Stanford undergrad
ERIK LUNA, Student '23
Tala Parker, Stanford Student
Isaac Vaught, Stanford BA Candidate ‘20
Clark Yarbrough, ‘20
Isabelle Paylor, Stanford Undergraduate, Woman, Human
Mark Rydzik, Stanford parent
Julia Josowitz, Stanford School of Medicine MSPA Candidate
Renata Miller, Stanford 2019 alumn
Kimmy Phan, Stanford BA '18
Juliana Berglund-Brown, CEE '21
Haeli Baek, Undergraduate Student
Jack Golub, undergrad 2020
Janice Zhang, BS Human Biology '19
Elinor Toler, Undergraduate ‘21
Esteban Wu, Undergraduate Student
Esteban Wu, Undergraduate Student
Vincent Nicandro, Class of 2020, B.S. Computer Science
Matin Mirramezani, Stanford Undergraduate
Hailee Heinrich, Undergrad Student
Ranya Odeh, Stanford Undergraduate
Nylah DePass, Stanford MS Candidate in CS ‘20
Madison Kenney, Stanford BA '20
Caroline Ho, BS '19, MS '20
Ana Maria Tarano, Stanford PhD Candidate in Aero/Astro '20
Elizabeth Zudock, Stanford MD Candidate
Allison Yao, UC Berkeley B.S. Candidate in Molecular Environmental Biology '21, B.A. Candidate in Psychology '21
Allison Yao, UC Berkeley B.S. Candidate in Molecular Environmental Biology '21, B.A. Candidate in Psychology '21
Valeria Rincon, Stanford BA'20
Isabel Calero Forero, Undergraduate Student
Odelia Lorch, Stanford undergrad
Evan Baldonado, Stanford class of 2023
Cristopher Vazquez Munoz, Stanford PhD Candidate in Modern Thought and Literature
Sandra R. Schachat, Stanford PhD Candidate in Geological Sciences '21
Katerina Gonzales, Stanford PhD Candidate in ESS '21
Anna Zeidman, Medical Student
Alexis Maltzman, 23
Majd Quran, Stanford BA '20
Jodalys Herrera, Stanford Undergraduate, '22
Po-Hsuan Wei, Stanford PhD Candidate in EE '20
Cecily Jackson-Zapata, Stanford Law School '97
Fan Liu, Stanford '20
Zackery Bangs, Stanford Class of 2022
A.J. Nadel, Stanford '22
Allegra Minor, Undergraduate Student
Krithika Iyer, Stanford 2021
Alison Romero, Stanford B.A. & B.S. 2019
Roxana Arjon, Stanford Undergraduate, c/o 2022
Joseph Lim, ‘19
Cristina Brentley, Undergraduate student
Dayton Myers, Stanford Undergraduate Student
Melissa Loupeda, Stanford BA in Public Policy '21
John Okniulu, Stanford Undergrad '21
Joshua Cobler, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020
Akasha Hayden, Undergraduate '23
Ayushi Vig, Stanford Class of 2018
Evan Wisner, Stanford Undergrad '22
Manami Suenaga, Stanford BA Candidate in Public Policy ‘21
Alexandra Bernard, Class of 2018
Evan Wisner, Stanford Undergrad '22
Noah DeWald, Student
Mette Mandal, neighbour
Mette Mandal, neighbour
Tanya Sleiman, Stanford Alumna
Kristjan Eerik Kaseniit, Stanford PhD student
Sharon Du, Undergraduate '22
Natalie Hampton, Student ‘22
Mustafa Khan, Stanford BS '22
Alessandra Diaz, Stanford Student
Rebecca Leah Spencer, Human Biology '22
Celine Foster, Stanford BA '21
Charlotte Herber, Stanford MD/PhD Candidate in Neuroscience
Celine Foster, Stanford BA '21
Aidan Fay, `21
Anna Hwang, UC Berkeley 2020, Sigma Psi Zeta
Jonathan Geisinger, Biology Postdoctoral Researcher
Benjamin Topacio, stanford grad student
Caroline Kushel, stanford undergrad
Caroline Kushel, stanford undergrad
Lucy Montgomery, Stanford GSB '20
Caroline Kushel, stanford undergrad
Ysabel Ojoylan, Sigma Psi Zeta
Remy Gordon, ASSU Chief of Staff
Swetha Revanur, Stanford BS Candidate in CS '20
Brenden Koo, Student
Yasmin Rafiei, Stanford MD Candidate '23
Ecy King, Stanford class of '23
Lauren Pope, Stanford PhD Student, Biology
Katherine Moldow, Senior undergrad
Katherine Moldow, Senior undergrad
Vivian Auduong, Undergraduate class of 2022
Judith Santano, BS Earth Systems '19
Rachel Stutz, Stanford Undergraduate
Naryeong Kim, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Elinor Toler, Stanford Undergraduate, '21
Monica Munevar, Stanford Staff
Nadia Jo, Stanford Class of 2023
Ryan Hsieh, Stanford Undergraduate ‘20
Rachel Koo, stanford 2022
Sherry Mestan, Stanford Undergraduate, '23
Anaxi Mars, B.A. '18
Clara Bradley, Stanford Class of 2021
Sameer Jha, UG '23
Edmer Maguan, Stanford GSB 2021 Candidate
Jacob Rosenberg-Wohl, MBA '20
Chelsea Harris, Stanford MBA Candidate
Steven Babst, MBA SO
Luciana Rossi Barrancos, Stanford MBA Candidate, Class of 2020
Jenna Louie, GSB Class of 2021
Hadley Fuller, Community Member
Alissa Orlando, Stanford GSB, '20
Erica Meehan, MBA Candidate 2021
Amelia Stillwell, Stanford PhD Candidate
Yaritza Vargas, MBA '21
John Drago, MBA ‘21
Ngoc Minh Nguyen, Stanford Undergraduate in Psychology ‘21
Alexandra Enriquez, Community Member
Anna Greene, undergrad CSRE '21
Abigail Chao, Stanford MBA '21
Julia Thompson, BS candidate in Aero-Astro, 2021
Nick Mahowald, Stanford GSB Candidate ‘21
Victoria Wills, Stanford GSB ‘21
Vithushan Jeyakumaran, Stanford MBA grad 2019
Julie Makelberge, Stanford MBA 2020
Sean Rosenberg, Stanford JD/MBA '19
Maggie Schult, Class of 2021
Julia Leal, Undergraduate Student
Morgan Baer , Stanford MBA ‘19
Em Reit, Stanford PhD Candidate '21
Lola Damski, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate ‘21
Lola Damski, Stanford GSB MBA ‘21
Ariel Grayson, Undergraduate Student
Madeline Pilchard, Stanford Undergraduate
Gina Puccinelli, Stanford MBA candidate ‘21
Katie Mansfield , Stanford B.S. Candidate in Science, Technology, & Society ‘20
Evelyn Correa, BS Candidate in Economics ‘22
Naomi Fa-Kaji, Stanford PhD candidate ‘20
Ariel Grayson, Undergraduate Student
Spencer Macquarrie, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate 2021
Trisha Litong, Stanford BA ‘22
shana levine, stanford student
Ellidia Dupont, Stanford GSB class of 2021
Maximiño Manzanares, Stanford Undergraduate
Stephanie Liu, Stanford MBA Candidate '21
Hung The Nguyen, BS Candidate in CS '20
Takara Ashley, Stanford MBA ‘21
Claudia Nmai , Undergraduate '23
Francisca Gilmore, Stanford GSB ‘21, Stanford undergrad ‘13
Areeba Kamal, Stanford GSB ‘2021
Taylor Elnicki, Community Member
Patricia Alessandrini, Assistant Professor, Music/CCRMA
Amit Rawal, Student
Elena Gianotas, GSB ‘21
Olivia Ames, Stanford B.A. Candidate in Political Science ‘21
Sophia Mulwa, 22
Ugur Dursun, Undergraduate
Constanza Hasselmann, Sociology '21
Christine Kim, Stanford Undergrad '13, GSB '20
Zachary James Smith, Clinical Pharmacist Holloman Air Force Base
Sam Margo, MBA 2020
Josie Robinson, Washington University in St. Louis Undergraduate in East Asian Studies ‘22
Ivan Villa-Renteria, Undergraduate Student
Margaret Muldoon, Community Member
Keagan Cross, Stanford Undergraduate, Class of '23
Vivian Xiao, Stanford PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior
Charlotte Weiss, MBA ‘21
Brandon Ma, Class of 2023
Jes Simson, MBA 2020
Mel Rosenberg, Friend
Laura Robichek, Community Member
Khalil Fuller, MBA '20
Sol Martinez, Stanford Undergraduate '22
Joseph Morcos, MBA Candidate
Cristina De La Cruz, Stanford Undergraduate ‘22
Abisola Kusimo, Stanford PhD Candidate in ME '21
Rebecca Colby, Stanford MBA Student '20
Carl White Ulysse, MBA ‘20
Sylvia Colt-Lacayo, undergrad student
Kaleigh Beacham, Sophomore co '23
Stephen Rickli, Stanford GSB 2020
Sarah Ludington, Undergraduate
Amanda Lu, Friend of community member
Cameron Linhares-Huagn, Class of 2023
Rachel Portillo, BS Candidate in CEE ‘21
Austin Ward, Stanford GSB Student
Melissa Yamada, Harvard Class of 2021
Emily Cang, Stanford BA Symbolic Systems ‘20
Ben Lazaroff, Stanford MBA Candidate
Sylvie Ashford, Stanford BA candidate ‘21
Cynthia Garcia, Stanford PhD Candidate MTL
Alisha Anderson, MBA '21
Greg Rose, Stanford MBA '20
Melia Beccard, Community member
Palmer Manes, Undergraduate student
Rhiannon Bronstein, SLS JD student '22
Oluremi Akindele, Stanford Undergraduate, ‘21
Ele Yon, staff
Akram Sbaih, Undergrad
Clarissa Xue, Community Member
Maria Andrea Fox, Stanford MBA graduate
Alissa Vuillier, 23
Alissa Vuillier, 23
Kerrigan McDonald Ortega, Community Member
Shreya Shubhangi, Stanford Freshman
Dorian Lumarque, Stanford ‘19
Carolyn Stein, Undergrad Student
Matt Bernstein, Stanford 2020
Rachel Hare, Stanford Affiliate
Michelle Gan, Stanford Sophomore
Xing Lin, Stanford GSB '20
Valeria Wu, Stanford Symbolic Systems BS
Hasque May, Not affiliated, someone sent this to me- i support it
Yuka Arora, Stanford Undergrad, '20
Sabrina Ramos, GSB SO
Lucia Huang, GSB 2020
Janine Romy, Stanford MBA Candidate
Jenny Dao, Student
Andreina Mesalles, MBA Candidate ‘21
Kevin Wang, Stanford MBA Candidate '20
Ana Rawal, Partner of a student
Alex Young, Stanford BS/MS Candidate in Chemical Engineering '20
Marisa Kamakshi Puli Reddy, M.B.A. Candidate in GSB ‘21
Ari Pefley, Undergraduate Student Class of 2022
Ariella Chichilnisky du Lac, Stanford undergraduate
Ria Pal, Resident Physician
Megan Lu, Stanford MBA ‘20, BA in Economics ‘15
Brad Mitchell, Stanford GSB ‘20
Will Brooke, MBA '20
Smiti Mittal, Undergraduate Student
Tara Hill, MBA '20
Marcela Lopez, Undergraduate Student
Whitney Chu, Stanford MBA ‘21
Carmen Duran, Undeclared '23
Angela Xie, Undergraduate 2022
Sinead Brennan-McMahon, PhD student in Classics
Annie Qin, Stanford GSB ‘20
Imogen Mansfield , GSB MBA ‘20
Kalyani Ramadurgam, Stanford Undergrad
Kalyani Ramadurgam, Stanford Undergrad '21
Isaac Arocha, Stanford ‘21
Marc Hedlund, Supporter
Erin Simshauser, Undergraduate
Natalie Doyle, GSB 2019
Solène Delecourt , PhD Candidate in Business, 2020
Crystal Chen , Stanford undergrad
CJ Bernstein, Stanford MBA 2020
Kamilah Arteaga, Stanford Undergrad, '22
David Schmidt-Fellner, GSB, 2020
Jean Yi, History BA '22
Katherine Kim, Stanford GSB Class of 2021
Trask Stalnaker, Stanford BS Mathematics '96
Mary Borowiec, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate 2021
Nina Wagner, Stanford undergraduate ‘20
Grace Cunningham, Students for Survivors Founder, University of Cincinnati ‘18 Alum
Felipe Kettlun, Stanford MSCS and MBA Candidate '20
Stacey Christiansen, Stanford Alumnus MA'12, MBA'19
David Liedtka, Stanford MSCS '20
Clio Smurro, Stanford GSB MBA ‘20
Kelsey Fagan, GSB SO 21'
John Mistele, Stanford Undergrad '21
Caitlin Smithq, Stanford GSB '21
Thomas Mayer, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Aaron Kappe, Graduate Student
Will Ritter, Stanford GSB ‘19
Jacob Nierenberg, B.A. '17 (American Studies) M.A. '18 (Journalism)
Gabriel Boyd, Undergrad c/o 2023
Elizabeth Arce, MBA 2021
Michael Mendoza, Undergraduate Student
Allan Zhao, Stanford BA Candidate in Political Science, ‘21
Yearim De Leon, Undergraduate Junior
Heidi Baikie, Community Member
Danielle Diuguid, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate, '21
Susannah Shattuck, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate '21
Jessica Chao, MBA '21
Barrie Grinberg, Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA Candidate,2021
Bryan Aldana, Bioengineering Undergraduate ‘20
Peter Kwak, Stanford Undergrad BS Candidate 2021
Jeremy Joseph, Stanford GSB MS ‘19
Stephanie Faith Johnson, friend of student
Lia Knight-Williams, Undergraduate
Rachel Wallstrom, Undergrad, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Semeniuta, Stanford BSCS '19, MSCS 20
Sindhu Nathan, Stanford PhD Candidate in CHE
Jacob Morrow, Stanford Undergraduate
Sreela Kodali, Stanford PhD Student in EE
Sabrina Tecklenburg, PhD student in Stanford Earth
Carly Davenport , Stanford B.S. 2020
Benjamin Ruxin, Stanford MBA '21
Jillian Weber, Community Member
Tally Erickson, Community Member
Denisse Velázquez, Community Member
Nitisha Baronia, SLS '21
Alicia Hu, Stanford Class of 2020
Alexa Russo, Stanford PhD student in Anthropology
Crystal Perez, Biology Undergrad '20
Nick Tandy, MBA ‘21
Brianna Jones, Community member
Daniel Jacobson, Undergraduate
Catherine Chou, Stanford PhD, History, 2016
Tyra Nicolay, Stanford ‘21
Amulya Yerrapotu, Stanford Class of 2020
Kanani Schnider, International Relations, Class of 2019
Karishma Grover, MBA, 2020
Ryan Chiem, UC Berkeley '22, United States Marine Corps
Pulkit Agarwal, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate '20
Kathryn Dragone , undergraduate '22
Theresa Gao, Stanford Undergrad Asian-American Studies '21
Michelle Tigchelaar, Stanford Postdoc
Carin Ragland, Stanford Biology PhD, SBBO Board
Elizabeth Yang, Stanford Class of 1992
Allegra Tepper, Stanford Graduate School of Business '20
Paloma Vazquez, Stanford Class of 2023
Philine Cheng, MBA '20
Caroline Zha, B.A. Candidate in Human Biology, '20
Khoi Le, Undergraduate '20
Isis P Anderson, Stanford Class of 2021
Grifffin Young, Theta Delta Chi
Madhu krishna Sivaramakrishnan, Stanford GSB MSx Candidate 2020
Colin Howe, Stanford Class of 2021
Sicada Sloan, Stanford Undergrad
Adrian Vega, Stanford Alum, c/o 2019
Kylie Holland, Stanford BA SymSys '21
Chester Thai, Student
Tyler Chen, PhD Student, Stanford Bioengineering
Karen Gonzalez, Stanford PhD Student in Biosciences
Battsetseg Erdenebulgan, Prospective student
Erin Washington, GSB '20
Zoe Sayler, Stanford Alumni '18
Allegra McComb, Art Practice BA '17
Leehi Yona, Stanford PhD student in EIPER ‘24, 2018 Knight-Hennessy Scholar
Preeti Srinivasan, Stanford PhD Student in Organizational Behavior
Lilla Petruska, Stanford Earth Systems '20
Benina Stern, BA ‘16
Olivia Popp, Stanford BA '21
Michael Yang, Stanford Undergraduate
Caroline Flores, Stanford Class of 2019
Joanna Jin Liu, Mechanical Engineering '20
Danna Gallegos, Class of 2020
Gabe Wieder, Stanford Undergrad ‘20
Jurelle Mendoza, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate 2021
Rachelle Chastine Pabalan, BA English '19
Sergio Redondo, Stanford PhD Candidate Biology
Lucile Bruhat, PhD '18
Elekos Praxis, Stanford Class of 2020
Julia Paris, B.A. 2021
Cat Stephens, campaigner against sexual violence
Janelle Miller, Stanford BA ‘19
Shawon Jackson, Stanford MBA Candidate '21
Somer Levine, In full support
Jake Greenstein, Stanford GSB '19
Robert Crews, Professor, Department of History
Teri Stein, AB ‘97, JD ‘03
Robert Crews, Professor, Department of History
J.P. Daughton, Stanford professor, History
Bianca Mulaney, Stanford Medical School, entering MD class of 2019
Sean Allen Hanretta, Associate Professor, Northwestern, former Associate Professor at Stanford
Hannah Barrett, Stanford GSB '20
Brigid Mulcahy, MBA ‘21
Maia Brockbank , Stanford Political Science Undergrad ‘21
Tselha Moenbook, Stanford Undergrad '21
Daniel Rojas, SLS, Class of 2012
Sophia Jones , Binghamton University ‘20
Samantha Wassmer, Stanford BA 2018
Isabel Bogart, Undergrad Senior in Political Science
Aidan Salamone, Alumnus, Class of 2019
Oumnia Chellah, Student, class of 2023
Mercedes Bent, MBA, Masters in Education
Michael Espinosa, B.A./B.S. 2021
Fen Zhao, Stanford PhD 2010, Applied Physics
Anne Baldwin, Stanford MBA/MS '19
Finn Laister Smith, Stanford Undergraduate B.A. '21
Noemi Berkowitz, B.A. 2016
Joel Schneider, PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering
Alline Akintore, GSB 2020
Alline Akintore, GSB 2020
Carlos Fresnillo, Stanford B.S. 2019
Thomas C. Schroeder, member of greater community
Madeline Dean, MBA '20
David Charles Hoyt, Stanford JD/MBA 2020
Yvon Wang, Stanford PhD alum (History) '14
Laura Du, Stanford MBA '21
Tim Vrakas, Stanford 2021
David Mariano, Alumni, '18
Pooja, Student
Melanie Walker, Community member and Chanel's "auntie"
Mizrahy Bernardo, Stanford Engineering BS ‘20
Carly Power, Global community member
Elsie DuBray, Stanford B.S. 2022
Hannah Sieber, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate '21
Susannah Morris, Stanford MBA Candidate '21
Jeannie Park, Wellesley College, '89
Sierra Edwards, CSRE ‘21
Valeria Sawers Murillo , Stanford class of 2021
Lisa Chang, GSB ‘21
Isabel Andrade Moreano, Stanford MBA '21
Anna Whittell, Stanford B.S. ‘19
Ellery Berk, Stanford MBA 2020
Andrew Varghese, Stanford MBA Candidate '20
Abigail Simmons, Stanford PhD 2018
Sophia Andrikopoulos, Stanford B.S. 2021
Shreya Kankanhalli, Stanford PhD GSB
Julian Oscar Alvarez, B.S. '17, M.A '19, JD '22
Jennifer Parker, Stanford Class of 2019
Neel Kishnani, B.S. Computer Science '21
Shayla Nikzad , Stanford PhD Candidate in ChemE ‘22
Jodi So, Stanford MD Candidate
Elisabeth Meyer, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biochemistry
Evelyn Zhang, Stanford Undergraduate 2021
Adela Zhang, Stanford PhD candidate, Anthropology
Kyra Teigen, Undergraduate
Claire Rhee, Stanford Medical Student, Entering Class of 2017
Melissa Machado, ‘21
Juliann Hallum, Stanford BS Candidate in Human Biology, MS Candidate in Laboratory Animal Science
Aiyanna Herrera, Stanford BS Candidate in ME '21
Hailey Deres, B.S. 2019, M.S. 2021
Tae Butler, BS Human Biology ‘19
Scott Jespersen, MS student in ICME
Jerry Zheng, Stanford 2020
Eva Portelance, Stanford PhD Candidate in Linguistics '22
Trillium Chang, Law ‘21
Neil Singh, B.S. Symbolic Systems '19 M.S. CS '20
ilana horwitz, GSE PHD, 2019
Andrea Shulman, Undergrad Junior
Korbin Kleczko, PhD Student, Biology
Eric Jenkins, Stanford M.D. Candidate 2022
Arielle Keller, Stanford Neurosciences PhD Student
Ashton Teng, Stanford M.S. Biomedical Informatics
Haley Amster, SLS’21
Brendan Beck, Stanford BA STS Candidate ‘21
Kate LeBlanc, Undergrad
Gregory Weaver, Stanford Class of 2020
Madison Hayes-Lattin, B.S. Bioengineering ‘19
Angela Cheng, MSME Candidate '20
James Fahlbusch, Stanford PhD Student in Biology '23
Caroline Huang, Undergraduate, '21
McKenzie Eakin, MD Candidate ‘22
Jenna Mayer, Stanford Undergraduate ‘21
Golrokh Emami, Stanford CS ‘21
Emily Schell, Stanford PhD Candidate in DAPS '23
Julia Kao, Medical Student, MD candidate 2020
Danielle Echeverria, 2020
Niza Contreras, Undergrad, Class of '20
Nicholas Rucker, Stanford BS Candidate AD '21
Johannes Junge Ruhland, PhD candidate in French
Oriana Peltzer, Stanford PhD Candidate in ME
Paula Sáyago, BS ‘19 - Product Design
Brian Morris, Undergraduate
Annie Shiel, Stanford MA Candidate, '19; Current Stanford Employee
Katherine Giordano, Stanford Law School '21
Hanseul Jun, Stanford PhD Candidate in COMM
Karly Chin, BS Human Biology '20
Samantha Davis, Stanford BS in Physics '19
Thomas Silvers, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biosciences
Renata Giarola, GSB
Jacqueline O'Neil, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Nolan Miranda, 21
Asrat Getnet Alemu, Stanford MS Candidate '21
Alexandra Farhat, Stanford BA '13 & Stanford MBA '20
Mad Luellen, Stanford MFA Art Practice candidate 2020
Emily Been, Stanford PhD student in Physics
Ramandeep Vilkhu, Stanford PhD Candidate in EE
Calvin Cheung-Miaw, Stanford PhD Candidate in Modern Thought and Literature, Class of '03
Erin Sanders, Stanford PhD student, Developmental Biology
Tucker Van Aken, GSB ‘19
Virginia Isava, Stanford PhD student in GEOLSCI ‘21
Ellen Allison, Stanford '20
Rastko Ciric, PhD student
Michael Svolos, Stanford Undergraduate '20
Brooke Vittimberga, Stanford Undergraduate
Stefan Swaans, Stanford M.S. 2020
Vickie Wang, B.A. Psychology '19
Darshpreet Singh Mann, Stanford GSB MS'19
Dara Hok, Stanford PhD candidate in Geological Sciences
Matthew Sun, Stanford Class of 2020
Yunxin Li, Stanford PhD Candidate in History
Cecilia Atkins, Stanford BA Candidate in IR '20
Shannon Choi, Stanford MSTP, School of Medicine
Izabel Jo, Stanford Student
Luke Suydam, Stanford GSB ‘20
Michael P. Kim, BS '12, MS '15, PhD '20
Ethan Li, Stanford PhD student in Bioengineering
Mia Laursen, community member
Josh Taylor, Stanford M.D. Candidate '23
Joceline Yu, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Christopher Shen Yuan, Undergraduate '21
Lise MacPhee, BA '19
Alex Kern, Stanford PhD Student in Genetics
Daniel Wennberg, Ph.D. candidate in Applied Physics
Julian Rey Saenz, Undergraduate
Alejandra esparza young, Stanford B.S. Candidate in Chemistry ‘20
Camille Dawson, Stanford Student
Nadia Tahsini, Stanford BS candidate in Chemical Engineering '20
Tuheen Manika, Undergraduate '21
Yipeng He, MS candidate
Claire Waluch, Stanford MBA candidate ‘20
Jacob Langsner, undergraduate. class of 2021
Laura Donohue, Stanford PhD Student in Genetics
Lisa Yamada, Stanford PhD student in Electrical Engineering
Brett Anderson, Stanford Class of 2019
Alisha Zhao, Stanford Undergraduate
Madeline Cooper, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biophysics
maeve givens, Maeve Givens, Undergraduate '20
Swayam Parida, Stanford BS Candidate in CS '21
Atish Agarwala, Stanford Physics PhD '19
Rebecca Colby, Stanford MBA Student '20
Ethan Shen, Stanford Undergraduate
Benjamin Maldonado, Undergraduate '20
Aaron Kaufer, Stanford Undergrad ‘21
Sam Ribeiro-Broomhead, Undergraduate
Taylor Merkel, Stanford BS/MS in Biology/Bioengineering '20
Christopher Dembia, Stanford PhD Candidate in ME
Jacqueline Ennis, Stanford Undergraduate, Class of 2020
Lydia Hamburg, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biophysics '22
Sean Konz, Stanford Class of 2020
Lin Shi, Stanford PhD Candidate in Environment and Resources
Irene Li, Stanford Cancer Biology PhD Candidate
Eddie Tchaouchev, Undergrad c/o 2021
Austin Murphy, Stanford MS Statistics
Molly Fowkes, Product Design ‘19
Sara Berg-Love, Stanford B.S. '17, M.S. '20
Alexandra Scharr, Stanford PhD Neurosciences '19
David Palumbo-Liu, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor & Prof of Comparative Lit
Dhiraj Indana, Stanford PhD Candidate in ME '22
Simona Lazzerini, Stanford PhD Candidate Religious Studies
Phoebe Crosthwaite , Stanford Undergraduate student
Alomir H. Favero Neto, Stanford PhD Candidate in CEE '20
Maya Ziv, Stanford Undergraduate
Erin McCaffrey, Stanford PhD Candidate in Immunology
Katie Hanson, Stanford PhD Student in Genetics
Jacob Kuppermann, Class of 2020, Columbae RCC 2019-2020
Maria Cichosz, Stanford PhD Candidate in Modern Thought amd Literature '20
Ellis Schriefer, Stanford PhD Candidate in DLCL (ILAC)
Layla Joseph, Humbio Undergrad ‘20
Sahar El Abbadi, PhD Candidate in CEE '21
Madison Hall, Stanford Computer Science '20
Arriana Jones, Stanford ‘19
Ka Higgins, California resident
Kevin Nuno, Stanford PhD Candidate in Cancer Biology
Modupe Akinnawonu, Stanford GSB MBA, 2020
Sophia Christodoulou-Rubalcava, Chemistry undergraduate '20
Katie Wullert, Stanford PhD Candidate in Sociology
Aurora Alvarez-Buylla, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biology
Katrina Hounchell, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biology ‘22
Janna Zou Huang, Stanford B.S. Computer Science/M.A. Sociology
Christina Yuan, Stanford MSCS '20
Hailee Hoffman, Stanford Class of 2019
Jihyeon Lee, Stanford B.S. in CS '19
Nicholas Gessner, Undergraduate
Christina Martin-Ebosele, Stanford Senior in ME
Brenda J. Velasco, Stanford PhD student in Immunology
paul robinson, emeritus professor
Charles Chu, Stanford GSB PhD Student
Courtney Payne, Stanford PhD Candidate, ESS
Autumn Luna, Stanford B.S. Candidate in ME '21
Ryan F. Jae, Stanford Art Practice + Computer Science '20
David Tattoni, Earth Systems 2020
Tess Hegarty, Stanford MS in CEE '19
Ramiro Leal-Cavazos, Stanford Undergraduate
Kendall Costello, Stanford undergrad ‘20
Belinda Niu, Stanford GSB
Elizabeth Zhang, Stanford PhD Student in EE
Katia Teran, MBA
Casey Pablo Butcher, Undergraduate '21
Marc Chappelle, Stanford BA 2021
Hyun Kim, PhD EE 2019
Elise Most, Undergrad '20
Katie Shpanskaya, Stanford MD Candidate
Jasmine Shu, Stanford PhD Candidate in Bioe
Ricky young, Just another undergrad
Jessica Ribado, Stanford Genetics Ph.D. 2019
Seiji Eicher, Undergraduate c/o '20
David Koshy, Stanford PhD Candidate in ChemE
William Gutzman, Senior in STS '20
Kendra Lechtenberg, Neuroscience PhD Student
Caelin Marum, Stanford Class of 2021
Jane Dong, Stanford GSB MBA ‘20
Noah Cooter, Stanford UG c/o 2020
Andrew Parker, Stanford BS '05
Alin Constantin, Stanford Phd student in History
Daniel Henry, Undergrad '20
John-Lancaster Finley, ASSU President 2015-2016
Noah Shutty, Stanford PhD Candidate in Physics '22
Ingrid Fan, Stanford BS Candidate in Symbolic Systems '20
Clara McCreery, Stanford Class of 2015, MS 2020
Grace Goheen, Stanford Class of 2020
Therice Morris, Stanford PhD Candidate in EE '19
Sarah Lensch, Stanford PhD Candidate in BioE
Alexander Saad, Stanford Staff
Jade Lintott, Junior
Angela Black , Stanford Class of 2020
Aaron Steelquist, Stanford PhD Candidate in Geological Sciences ‘21
Siena Fay, Stanford Undergraduate 21
Jingyi Kenneth Tay, Stanford PhD Candidate in Statistics 2021
Francesca Watkins, Stanford Undergrad, '20
Gabrielle Delos Reyes, Stanford Class of 2021
Whitney Francis, Stanford B.S. Earth Systems ‘19, M.S. Candidate in Earth Systems
Adam Ellner, Stanford BS '18, MS '20.
Mae Lyons-Penner, Stanford PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature
Melanie Wallskog, Stanford PhD Candidate in Economics '22
Spencer Guo, Stanford '20
Kent Mendoza, Undergraduate '20
Kirstin Haag, Graduate Student
Demetri Maxim, Stanford B.S. '20
Elana Teitelbaum, Stanford MBA '19
Clementine Chou, B.A. '20
Marianna Zhang, Stanford PhD Student in Psychology
Makai Mann, Stanford PhD Candidate in EE
Xingting Gong, Stanford PhD Candidate in Applied Physics
Olawunmi Akinlemibola, Chemistry ‘21
Rachel Gardner, Stanford Class of 2020
Chloe Evans , Stanford Undergraduate in ME '20
Eric Mark Martin, Stanford BS Candidate in CS '21
Sophie Tanner, Stanford CEE BS '19 MS '20
Allison Tielking, Stanford B.S. 2020
Josh Tycko, Stanford PhD Candidate in Genetics
Helena Hu, Stanford PhD Candidate in English
Sarah Zandi, Stanford Law School '21
Cayla Miller, Stanford PhD Candidate in ChemE
Gwyneth Le, Class of 2022
Reagan Walker, Stanford ‘19
Cameron Woods, Stanford '20
Nicole Collins, Stanford Law School '20
Chau Vo, Stanford ‘20
Marci Kwon, Faculty
Michiko Theurer, Stanford PhD student
Emily Gittins, MBA2
Michael Lu, Stanford M.S. Candidate in EE '21
Demi Horvat, MBA '20
Kylie Gleason, Community Member
Grace Hu, Stanford B.S. in MSE'21
Marcela De los Rios, Stanford Undergrad '20
Jonathan Kaufman, MBA '20
Xingyu Li, Stanford PhD Candidate in DAPS
Jade Goodwill, Stanford Class of 2021
Julia Todderud, Stanford Class of 2020
Chloe Glikbarg, Stanford Undergraduate '21
James Pillot, Stanford BSEE '20
Joshua Curtis Wolff, Stanford CS & BioE '21
Andrea Cuadra, Stanford Alumna '17
Sara PProbst, Stanford MS Engineering
Christiane Adcock, Stanford PhD Candidate in ICME '23
Erin Eichler, SMS, MSPAS Candidate 2020
Pretom Shome, MS&E Undergrad Class of 2020
Steven Tan, Stanford ChemE Phd, 2019
Aditi Maliwal, Stanford Undergraduate 2012
Carly Steyer, Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2020
Hannah Payne, Stanford PhD in Neuroscience '18
Cate Alder, Undergraduate ‘21
Ziyi Wang, Political Science '21, MCS '21
Ziyi Wang, Political Science '21, MCS '21
Arlene Aleman, Undergraduate, '21
Heather Eaton, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate, Class of 2020
Lily He, Community Member
Ian Paul Crookston, Stanford PhD Candidate in History '22
Quinn Walker, BA '15, JD '20
William Su, MBA candidate
Isabelle Claire Fisher, Stanford MBA student
Kelsey Urban, Stanford Class of 2020
Audrey Breitwieser, Stanford MS Student
Mimi Werdegar, Class of 2021
Jenna Wang, Stanford BS Candidate in Product Design, '21
Tyler McDaniel, Graduate student
Chiara Giovanni, Stanford PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature '22
Eda Benites, Anthro '19, CLAS '20
Sarah Myers, Stanford Class of 2021
Raven Odian, Stanford Graduate Student
Chris Escobedo, Stanford ‘20
Kevin Lin, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Cecile Alduy, Stanford Professor
Rebecca Gruskin, Stanford PhD candidate in History
Brandon Bergsneider, Stanford BS Candidate in Human Biology '20
Andrew Labott, Undergraduate
Mika Tabata, MD 2020
Willy Chu, Stanford BA '08
Jenna Ruzekowicz, Stanford Economics Major ‘23
Manuel Porras, Stanford Undergrad '21
Brian Su, Stanford BSME '19, MSME '21
Kobe Hopkins, Undergraduate Senator ‘22
Andrew P. Nelson, PhD Student, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ariella Park, Stanford Law School '21
Ricky Grannis-Vu, Stanford Class of 2021
Wanda Watson, Stanford BA ‘05, GSE MA ‘06
Kei Yamaya, PhD student in Developmental Biology, '23
Jessica Boyle, Stanford PhD Candidate
Holly Dinkel, M.S. in Aero/Astro ‘20
Justine Colvin, Stanford BS Biology 2020
Mike Norton, SLS '21
Kelley Langhans, Stanford PhD Student in Biology
Justine Kaneda, Undergraduate
Jaye Boissiere, Stanford BA ‘18, MS ‘19
Valery Turner, Stanford Affiliate
Bibit Bianchini, Stanford MS in ME '20
Judy Park, Stanford GSB MBA '20
Harrison Fowler, Stanford Class of 2022
Ruth Wurl, PhD Candidate in Slavic Languages and Literatures
Susan Wu, Community Member, Student
Sarah Dobbins, Stanford Class of 2020
Tomoya Tisdale, B.S. 2020
Nicholas Hug, SMS17
Hanon Mcshea, PhD student in Stanford Earth
Elisa Nayeli Altamirano, Student
Stephanie Chao, Stanford Undergraduate B.S. 2020
Jesus Cervantes, Stanford CS '20
Alan Horacio Cuevas, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Natalie Deam, PhD Candidate 2019
Artenisa Kulla , Undergraduate student
Jason Beckman, PhD Candidate, EALC
Anna Boyle, Stanford Class of 2015
Justine Modica, History PhD Candidate
Jake Glassman, Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2019
Reagan Dunham , American Studies '20
Jaggie Zhu, Stanford MS candidate in GSB’20
Emma Neiman, Class of 2016
Carolyn Oliver, Stanford Class of 2017
Hyun Kim, EE PhD 2019
Shoshana Olidort, Stanford PhD Candidate in CompLit
Will Palmeri, Stanford MSCS '07
Colleen Josephson, Stanford PhD Candidate in EE
Samuel Maull, Stanford PhD Candidate in Anthropology
Jiecheng Zhang, Stanford PhD Candidate in Physics '20
Anna Toledano, Stanford PhD Candidate in History ‘21
Caroline Kim, B.S. ChemE 2021
Megan Zink, Stanford GSB MBA Candidate '20
Cooper Reed, Stanford Class of 2021
Madison Perna, Stanford BA ‘19
Tian Ge Zhou, Stanford Undergraduate
Sharon Lu, Stanford PhD Candidate in Neurosciences
Juan Carlos Meave Ojeda, Stanford Undergraduate
Frank Mondelli, PhD Candidate in East Asian Languages and Cultures
Christiana, Community member
Julianna Yonis, Stanford Undergraduate Class Of 2021
Meredith Gerhart, Stanford Undergrad '10
Calista Bernard, Stanford PhD Candidate in Math
Tianlin Walsh, Stanford PhD EALC ‘22
Odyssia Ng, Stanford PhD Candidate in Economics '20
Olivia Seideman, Stanford MA in International Policy '20
Amanda Schaible, GSB 2020
Mikaela Moore, Stanford MBA Candidate '20, MA in Education Candidate '20
Amy Allebest, MLA Candidate ‘21
Cecilia Rose Endriga Thomas, PhD Candidate in GS
Emma Hardimon, Stanford '18
Alexandra Jarvis , Undergraduate
Jason Chen, Alumnus '17
Emma Wood, GSB MBA Candidate ‘20
LoMo Phillips, Stanford Alumni ‘17
Sophie Hearn, Stanford Class of 2020
Stuart Robertson, MFA Candidate in Art Practice ‘20
Kevin Niehaus, Stanford PhD Candidate in EALC, 2021
Kate Ham, Stanford Undergraduate
Wendy De Lasa, Stanford PhD Candidate at the GSB '21
Jaehoon Choi, Stanford MA, Music Science and Technology, Music Department/CCRMA
Eric Brubaker, Stanford PhD ME ‘21
Gabriela Gutierrez, Stanford Undergraduate, 2001
Avery Krieger, Stanford PhD Candidate in Neuroscience ‘16
Stephen Galdi, PhD Candidate in CEE '21
Belinda Chufan Mo, Stanford Undergraduate in Symbolic Systems ‘20
Nora Moskowitz, Biology PhD student
Jessica Arellano, Undergraduate ‘22
Warda Khan , Community Member
Emily Cardarelli, PhD candidate in Stanford Earth
Hilton Obenzinger, Associate Director, Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford
Jonathan Quick, PhD Candidate in English '20
Tamara Namay, Community Member
Peter Grogan, Stanford GSB '21
Mayte Graciela Guerrero, undergrad, earth systems
Ghufran Alkhamis, Stanford undergraduate in ME ‘20
Chayne Ball, Stanford Undergrad '21
Daniel Kunin, Stanford MS 2019
Therese LaRue, Stanford PhD Candidate
Fait Poms, Stanford PhD Student in CS '22
Kiah Hardcastle, Stanford PhD in Neuroscience 2019
Alex Nathan Kahn, MS Mechanical Engineering 2018
Caroline Suydam, Stanford MBA Partner
Yafeng Wang, Stanford grad in philosophy
Mary "jem" Jebbia, Stanford PhD Candidate in Religious Studies
Meghan Warner, Stanford PhD Candidate in Sociology
Mondee Lu, JD/MS '20
Alexis Michelle Adjei, Stanford BA Candidate in International Relations '20
Jack Petrison, Stanford BA Candidate in Philosophy '21, Theta Delt
Will Pittock, BS Candidate in MS&E '21, Theta Delt
Jason Kentner, Stanford M.S. Candidate in ME '20
Alexandra Nguyen-Phuc, Class of 2018
Ian Goodfellow, Stanford Coterm ‘09
Evander Deocariza-Nee, Stanford Class of 2020, B.S. Computer Science
Pegah Kassraian Fard, Caltech
Andrew Martin Watkins, Stanford Postdoctoral Scholar
Monica Spisar, Woman
Ivan Zheludev, Graduate student
Charles Cai, EECS UT'13
David Song, Graduate School of Education
Seo-Young Chu, In 2000, when I was a 22-year-old first-year graduate student in the Stanford English department, I was raped and sexually harassed by a powerful member of the department named Jay Fliegelman
Shannon Byrnes, Stanford MSPA Candidate Class of 2021
Hannah D'Apice, Stanford PhD Candidate in GSE '23
Eli Pugh, Stanford UG Math '20
Audrey Wenxin Zhu, Stanford Alumna, ChemE ‘19
Grant Hallee, Stanford Coterminal Masters Student in History '19/'20
Lily Fesler, Stanford PhD Candidate in Education '20
Mathilde Lindhart, PhD Candidate in CEE
Elizabeth Chin, Stanford PhD Candidate in Biomedical Informatics '22
Dr. Takeo Rivera, Stanford Undergrad '08, MA '09
Katie Cheng, Stanford PhD Candidate in Education '20
Carolyn Rice, Stanford BS ‘18 MA ‘19
Oded Gurantz, Stanford PhD 2018
Angad Rekhi, Phd EE '20
Marc Grinberg, Stanford PhD Candidate in Political Science '20
Max Hawkins, Stanford B.A. '07
Pingyu Wang, Stanford PhD Candidate in MSE
Stephen Evans, PhD Candidate in Neuroscience
Ebony Coletu, Stanford PhD in MTL, ‘08
Tyler Whittle, Stanford PhD MS&E
Rose Chan Loui, BA ‘82, P ‘20
Shilpa Kannan, Stanford MBA '21
Alejandra Lopez, Stanford, Class of 2008
Daniel Chen, Undergraduate Junior
Meg Chan Feitelberg, Stanford Alumni Class of 1985
Julie Iwashita, B.A., 1984
Sandra So Hee Chi Kim, Stanford Alumna Class of 2001
Rowan Eo, survivor at Rutgers University
Ivan Opina, Rutgers University
Angelica Parente, Stanford PhD in Biophysics, 2010-2018
Evelyn Park, Rutgers University New Brunswick Student Class of 2020
Pratyush Sishodia, Rutgers University Undergraduate 23'
Janelle Siliezar-Doyle, Stanford PhD Student in Neurosciences
Olivia Rose Szabo, Stanford Class of 2022
Teresa Wagoner, Community member
Angela He, Washington University in St. Louis '19
Crystal Garland, Stanford, Class of 2005
Jessica Yu, Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2021
Leilani Graham, Gunn High School '10 classmate of Chanel
Kristen M Green, Stanford PhD Candidate Environment and Resources
Catherine Chung, here from Plan A's Diana Lu
Hannah Rajarao, friend of a sexual assault survivor
Brigitte Hackler, Stanford MBA, '21
Vanuyen Pham, Stanford BA ‘18
Kristin Rivers, Ph.D., Sexual Assault Survivor
Kenneth Miller, Stanford Physics M.S. 1981, Neuroscience Ph.D 1989
LezLi Logan, Director, Enough is Enough Voter Project / Lead, Actuon Together Bay Area / Board Member, Silicon Valley Democratic Club.
Helen Chen, Stanford BS 1980
Candyce Carter, BA, 1969; MLA, 2014; Stanford Buck Cardinal Club, Founders Circle; Recipient Volunteer Award 2014
Wren Elhai, Stanford MA Candidate '20
Andrew Blum, Stanford undergrad ‘20
Irene Yen, PhD, MPH, Stanford undergrad class of '85
Flavia Grey, Stanford PhD in CEE ‘19
Savannah Butler, Graduate Student
Jae Won Joh, Stanford BS Biological Sciences ‘09
Andy Miguel, B.A., '16
Lily Susman, Stanford MA student in East Asian Studies '21
Frances Gianiotis, Rutgers University, undergraduate, ‘20
Cherry Chan, UC Berkeley, Undergraduate
Kathy Christie, 85, MS '86
Richa Gupta, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Jordan Brinn, Undergraduate ESE '20
Richard J Goeglein, Stanford MBA ‘60
Andrea Goeglein, Community Member
Sang-Jin Kim, Stanford Parent
AJ Alvero, Stanford PhD candidate, Education
Karen Song-Walker, Stanford BA 2006
Miriam Haart, CS '22
Manar Barsi, Stanford '22
Genevieve Kolar, Community member
Buck Bukaty, Stanford CS Undergraduate, 2020
Gina Li, Stanford PhD Candidate
Ellie Utter, Stanford class of 2020
Disney Rattanakongkham, B.A. Mechanical Engineering Candidate
Jessica Chow, Stanford B.A. Candidate English, '19
Yuzu Ido, Undergraduate
Matthew Mariman, Rutgers University '20
Tessa Scott, Stanford Undergrad '20
Aakanksha Saxena, Stanford Class of 2021
Gina Moreno-John, BA, 1985
Dongming Zhang, Class of 2022
Maria Filsinger Interrante, Stanford MD/PhD Candidate in Biophysics
Kally Xu, Community Member
Spencer Robinson, Undergrad '20
Melissa Kreider, Stanford PhD student in Chemical Engineering
Yasmeena Khan, Undergraduate Class of 2022
Jin Hwang, Community Member
Eliana Fuchs, Undergraduate Student
Rainie Wanyue Li, Stanford MS student in CEE '19
Tara Bond, UF C/O 2010
Jonathan Saunders, Graduate student at University of Oregon
Madigan Brodsky, Class of 23
Suvaansh Bhambri, Not affiliated to stanford but support the cause.
Jose Cintron , Community Member
Sharon Tseng, B.A. ‘17
Julia Axelrod, B.A. Candidate ‘20
Laurence Adler, Class of 1985
Tom Mullaney, Professor of History
Roma Dziembaj, Stanford MS Candidate in MS&E '20
Josiah Evans, Community Member
Kristin Little, Community Member
Lauren Gillespie, stanford gradute student
Jenna Jung, Stanford BA '22
Leonel Lugo, Stanford employee
Asmaa Alsubaei, Undergraduate class of 2023
Bilguunzaya Battogtokh, Class of 2021
Erika DePalatis, Alumni '19
Ann Armstrong Scarboro, granddaughter of E.D. Adams, former chair of the History Department
Yanjie Qiu, Amherst College ‘20
Janet Greninger, Outraged Citizen
Elyse Cornwall, Stanford Class of 2022
Evan M Lurie, Class of '90; MA 2019
Pulkit Tandon, Stanford PhD Candidate in EE
Nick Carter, spouse of alumna, member; Buck Cardinal Club; active Stanford volunteer
Kevin Boyce, Stanford professor
Shayla Smith, B.S. '12
Dominique Lyew, Stanford undergrad in Psychology ‘12
Catherine Lemmi, Alumna, Graduare School of Education
Sambhav Jain, Stanford MS in EE, 2016
Yiran Liu, Stanford PhD in Cancer Biology
Monique Candiff, JD Candidate '21
Anooshree Sengupta, Class of '22
Kelsey Rich, Stanford undergraduate in Human Biology ‘20
Amanda McCaffrey, Stanford Law School '20
Mishi Jain , Stanford J.D. Candidate
Jyra Bickham, SLS '20
Joshua A. Mensah, Stanford J.D. 2021
Raquel Zepeda, Stanford Law School 2021
Thomas Schubert, Stanford Law School '21
Jennifer Friedmann, SLS Class of 2022
Madeline Musante, B.A., '18
Tessa Milligan, Stanford undergrad ‘20
Alexandria Gilbert, Stanford JD, MA ‘18
Jñani Crawford, B.S. '20
Michelle Elizabeth Portillo, Stanford JD Candidate '21
Susan Harling, SLS '21
Megan R. Izzo, JD Candidate '22
John Coan, Stanford Cancer Biology PhD Candidate
Kelsey Clinton, Stanford Law School 2021
Q. Claire Xue, JD/PhD Candidate '22
Philipp Fritzsche, LLM Candidate 2019-20
Trevor Pontifex, M.S. Environmental Engineering 2020
Marco Mora-Mendoza, B.S. '20
Chelsey Davidson, Stanford JD Candidate ‘21
Colette Kelly, Stanford PhD Candidate in ESS '22
Hanna McGinnis, JD Candidate '22
Abeynaya Gnanasekaran, Stanford PhD student, ICME '22
Todd Davies, Lecturer in Symbolic Systems & alum (BS & MS '85, PhD '95)
Raven Quesenberry, Stanford JD Candidate, 2022
Samuel Lepow, Stanford Law ‘22
Dylan M. Crain, Master’s Student in ERE ‘20
Christopher Alexander Middleton, B.A. '16, J.D. Candidate '21
Karen Kurosawa, Stanford Undergraduate, Class of '20
Maxine Stern, B.S. Product Design ‘20
Jasmine Robinson, Stanford Law ‘22
Laurel Regibeau-Rocket, Stanford Phd candidate
Hans Britsch , SLS 2022
John Kamalu, Stanford MSc student
Srdan Keca, Assistant Professor, Art & Art History
Kyle Yu, Undergrad Class of 2022
Michele Spitzer, Stanford GSB 2021
Bree Baccaglini, Stanford Law School '21
Alyssa Martinez, Stanford Law School J.D. '20
Miriam Beinin, LCSW Clinical Social Worker, Stanford Hospital, Retired
Timothy Yu, Stanford PhD 2005
Ge Wang, Associate Professor of Music (also Computer Science by Courtesy) / CCRMA
Diann Rowland, BA Psychology 1994
Stephen Monismith, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Y. Jean Lee, Stanford Class of ‘93
Liza Mamedov, Institute for Research in the Social Sciences RA 2018-19
Julia Daniel, BA '17 MS '19
Aditi Pandey , Democratic Volunteer Center
Anna Lachenauer, Stanford Medical Student
Dania Khan, Community Member
Victoria Yee, MA & BA '13
Shabnum Patel, Stanford SoM
Seungah Lee, Stanford GSE
JennIfer Kim, Community Member
Joel Beinin , Donald J McLahlan Professor of History, Emeritus
Rebecca Solnit, visiting professor, Writing Program, Spring 2019
Elizabeth Bishop, Community member
Stella Ho, Community Member
Nancy Park, Community Member
Dustin Janatpour, Stanford BS '13, MS'14, fraternity RA
Dana Rabois Holohan, Class of 1993
Anh Montealvo, Community Member
Hope Landsem, SLS '21
Maxwell Suechting, Stanford PhD Candidate in Modern Thought & Literature '20
Jeffrey Ow, Professor, Berkeley City College
Yukiko Hanawa, Alumnus
Umniya Najaer, Stanford PhD in Modern Thought and Literature
Chasity Hale, Stanford undergraduate
Ann Kim, USC Undergraduate
Emma K’Meyer, Rutgers BFA Student, 2020
Emma Kukielski, Stanford BA in Comparative Literature '19, MA Candidate in Modern Thought and Literature '20
Olivia de Goede, Stanford PhD Candidate in Genetics
Amy Elizabeth Robinson, Stanford PhD in History 2005
Jerome Reyes, Graduate Alumni, Faculty
Charity Leah Kennedy, Stanford Law School '22
Lucas Trent Williams, Stanford PhD Student in MTL
Luke Taylor, CSRE ‘23
Jean Ma, Associate Professor of Art and Art History
Margaretta Colangelo, Community Member
Allison Portnoy, Stanford Undergrad '09
Georgia Toal, B.S. '16, M.D. Candidate '22
Cynthia Franklin, Stanford Alum, class of 1984
Linda Hess, Senior Lecturer Emerita
Marlon Footracer, Stanford Class of 2005, English
Shraddha Anand, Stanford Physics
Estella M Cisneros, B.A., 2007
Lani Marsden, Stanford BA 2007
Jason Shen, Stanford student athlete, BS 2008, MS 2009
Micah Cratty, BA, '08
Melissa Morales, BA 2009
Ashley M Sarracino, BA '05 MA '12
Michael Bateman, B.A. ‘08
Gulin Ustabas, BA Class of 2021
Jose Ruben Diaz Vasquez, Stanford PhD Candidate in Modern Thought & Literature
Katrice Williams, Class 2011
Parsa Nowruzi, Stanford B.A. Anthropology 19'
Kunyu Ching, Stanford B.A. '08
Britton Kovachevich, Stanford B.A. 2009, M.A. 2010
Rebecca Ann Pratt Hiraoka , Class of 2007
Amy Dao, Stanford B.A. 2012
Melissa Luu-Van, Stanford BA ‘06, MA ‘07
Catherine Baron, Class of 2021
David Sangokoya, B.A. 2010
Pradnya Narkhede, Graduate Student at Cambridge University
Adam Hudson, Stanford alumnus, B.A., c/o 2010
Anita Verma, B.A. ‘09
Andrew Zimmermann, Biology 2011
Diane Cheng, Stanford Class of 2008
Cristopher Bautista, Class of 2011
Esmeralda Fuentes, Alumni '07
Jason Shen, Stanford student athlete, BS 2008, MS 2009
Leanna Keyes, BA '14
Erika Monahan, , Stanford PhD in History '07
Shelly Ronen, Stanford BA, 2009
Anne Gomez, Alumna, BS Engineering 2009
Jerry Yan, JD '22
Evan Ann George Schaeffer, Stanford Class of 2008
Emily Mandelbaum Lowry, Stanford B.S. Sym Sys, '02; M.A. Media Studies '02
Chantel Rush, Stanford Class of ‘08
Kristian Davis Bailey, Stanford BA '14, friend of multiple survivors failed by Stanford
Meri McCoy-Thompson, Class of 1985
Danya Volkov, BS 11 MS 13
Tara Ohrtman, Stanford Law JD Candidate '21
Nneka Chike-Obi, BA ‘06
Amy Fan, Stanford PhD Candidate, Immunology
Emilia Diaz-Magaloni , Undergrad
Ken Savage, B.A. ‘14, M.A. ‘15
Frederick R Stewart, LSJU Class of 1987
Dean Wallace , Class of 2008
Margot Brooks, Stanford Class of 2011
Fareez Giga, Stamford ‘08
Mark Liu, Alumni '07
Rachel Anderson-Rabern, PhD '11
Jay-Marie Hill, Stanford Alum, Class of ‘10
Ellen Freytag, Class of 2004
Deblina Mukherjee, Human
Pallavi Sheth, Community member
Elizabeth Yin, Class of 2004
Elizabeth Enslin, Stanford PhD, Cultural Anthropology, 1990
Christine Liu, Stanford BA ‘04
Samantha Noh, JD 22
Jenna Coalson, Stanford BA 2007
Tavian Njumbi, Stanford '22
Bill Johnson, BA/BS ‘04
Margaret Kammerud, Stanford B.A. ‘99, M.A. ‘00
Seyi Akanni, Stanford BS in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2005
Anakaren Cervantes, BA ‘17, MA ‘18
Charles Ledbetter, Stanford PhD Student in MTL (‘09-12)
Anjali Katta, B.S. Engineering Physics ‘19
Courtney Yin Duke , Stanford BS 2007
Matthew Aiello, Class of 2015
Sanjai Kumar Gupta, PhD Mathematics, 05
Laura Austin, B.A. '16
Eric Lowe, BA Classics ‘04, JD ‘07
Nic Fishman, Stanford B.A., B.S., `21
Sophie Meunier, Class of ‘23
Theresa Nelson, Undergraduate Student '22
Veronica Stafford, Stanford Undergrad ‘20
Jen Chiou, International Relations ‘05
Elizabeth Rachel Young, Community member
Angeline Truong, Stanford Undergraduate ‘21
Shubhang Desai, Stanford Undergrad in CS '20
Soha Yasrebi, Stanford GSB '21
Omar Ramos Escoto, Stanford Undergraduate ‘22
Neha Chetry, Undergraduate
Erica Okine, Class of '23
Erica Sommermann, Undergraduate '03
Natasha Dar, Stanford BA, MA 2013
Jessica Chan, Community Member
Amrita Kaur, Stanford '20
Alex Pham, Stanford '20
Nisa Ari, B.A. '08
Emily Snell, Undergraduate Student
Ivan Tzvetanov, Stanford BS '05, MS '07
Annika Butler-Wall, PhD Candidate in Modern Thought and Literature
Josh Wagner, Undergrad '20
Elizabeth Trujillo, BS 2004
Liane Al Ghusain, Stanford BA and MA Alumni, '09 & '10
Madeline Bernstein, Stanford BS Candidate '20
Eric Frankel, Stanford ‘22
Alaina Lim, Stanford Undergrad 22
Madeleine Kriz, Class of 2023
Andrew Fleury, M.A. CEAS '10
Rachel Ding , Washington University in St. Louis ‘23
Melanie Lean, Stanford Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Maria Cortez Lopez , Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2020
Beth Aklilu, Undergraduate Student
Jimmy Le, Stanford '22
Usman Hanif, Stanford Undergrad CS ‘22
Ethan Garrity, Stanford ‘22
Zara Fatteh, Community Member
Alizer Khan, Community member
Jessica TU, community member
Sabrina Zahid, Community member
Chase Small, Undergrad ‘22
Kathryn Frank, Stanford BA '09
Becky Yang, Stanford, '20
Vincent Duong, Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2021
Sister Leona, Stanford BA '09
Troy Lawrence , Undergrad
Meredith Narrowe, Stanford '04
Katelyn Masket, Stanford Law School '21
Jeong Shin, Stanford 2023
Kenneth Chan, Stanford BS Computer Science, Class of 2002
Annie Brantigan, Stanford B.S. 19, M.S. ‘20
Sarah Gao, Washington University in St. Louis, Class of '20
Justin Wilck, Undergraduate 2020
Valerie Trapp, Stanford '22
Julie Fukunaga, Stanford BA Sociology '20
Surbhi Sachdeva, Stanford Undergrad '20
Elizabeth Nguyen, Stanford '22
Richard Coca, Stanford BS Candidate in Human Biology '22
Shannen Torres, Stanford ‘21
Rodrigo Antonio Maldonado, Stanford ‘23
Sarah Goodman, Stanford Polisci 2020
Sarah Panzer, Stanford '22
Sarah crable, Undergraduate
Natalie Gable, MS Candidate in EE '20
Daniel Ben-ami, Stanford undergrad ‘23
Lisa Fu, Stanford Undergraduate, ‘19
Crystal Ipalook, B.A. ‘06
Becky Liang, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Anna-Luisa Brakman, Undergraduate '21
Vanessa Veak, Stanford Undergrad ‘22
Eva de la Serna, Stanford PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering
Mariam Noorulhuda, Stanford B.A. Candidate in History ‘20
Megan Hall, Stanford Undergrad ‘22
Kiana Hu, ‘23
Grace Wallis, Stanford undergrad ‘20
Vinh Ton, Undergrad 2020
Quentin Sedlacek, Stanford PhD in Education ‘19
Matthew Jacquez , Stanford BS Candidate ‘23
Elie Kuppermann, Stanford Undergraduate '20
Joshua Pe, Undergraduate '22
Tanvi Bikhchandani, MBA'20
Alex Goodman, Stanford '20
Calista Triantis, Undergraduate student, '23
Karen Ge, Stanford Undergrad ‘23
Shobha Dasari, Stanford '23
Miriam Hendler, BS CS 22
Roshini Ravi, Stanford '20
Latifah Hani Hamzah, Stanford PhD Student in CEE '21
Karen Lai, BS 2004
Sommer Alex, Stanford University 2023
Sarah Tran, CS Coterm '20
Heejung Chung, Stanford Undergrad 21
Nikhil Shankar, Stanford BA Candidate '20
Rocio Mendoza , B.A., Political Science and Urban Studies, Class of 2007
Vanessa Farley, Undergraduate '22
Kevin Fong, BS 2004
Azhia Harris, Stanford ‘20
Saif Ali, Stanford Undergrad ‘23
Justin-Casimir Braun, Stanford Undergrad '21
Corinne Bernhard, B.A. ‘19
Zachary Marx-Kuo, Stanford MA '19
Yoo Hsiu Yeh, Stanford BS '06, MS '13
Joy Xi, Stanford MBA '15, MS ME '16
Shira Abel, Bay Area Community.
Paloma Rosenbaum, BA ‘04
Catherine Bonn, Stanford ‘12
Kelly Nguyen Sutherland, Stanford, class of 2012
Renad Abualjamal , Undergraduate student
Xóchitl Longstaff, Stanford undergrad, Bioengineering, 2020
Michael Solorio, Stanford BS Candidate in Materials Science '20
Meaghan Carley, BA 2016
Adrian Liu, B.A. '20
Elizabeth Thornberry, PhD 2011
Audrey Senior, B.A. English ‘22
David Marasco, Community Member
Casey June Nolan, Stanford GSE MA '19
Marisa Willson , Human Biology ‘19
Luz Jimenez Ruvalcaba, Stanford PhD Candidate in Modern Thought and Literature
Eghosa Amadin, Stanford B.S. '21
Brenden Koo, Stanford Class of ‘23
Emma Juliet Mathers, Stanford Alumna, Human Biology '19
Zachary J Clayton, Stanford Undergrad '20
Jill Wurzburg, BA ‘08
Dennis Woo, Class of 2023
Esmeralda Reyes , Undergrad '23
Julieta Gomez-Frittelli, PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering
Matthew Wormer, Stanford PhD Candidate, History
Nadia Morales, Community Member
Kate Kreindler , Stanford PhD 2015
Nicole Bennett-Fite, Stanford Anthropology BA '18
Ankur Garg , Community member
Jadon Bienz, UCSB Chemistry 2022
Bryce Tuttle, BA '20
Serina Khanna, Community Member
Charlie Hoffs, Stanford Undergrad in Chemical Engineering '22
Stephen Richard Zhu, UIUC Bachelors Degree Candidate in EE '23
Julian Jaravata, Undergrad Class of '13
Celine Lopez, Stanford Undergraduate, Class of 2020
Regan Lavin, Undergrad '21
Poojit Hegde, undergraduate at Stanford
Miley Hu, Undergraduate '21
Sanjay Saverimuttu, Stanford B.S. ‘12
Hanna Payne, BS Human Biology '19, MA Candidate Earth Systems '20
Anuradha Srikanth , UCLA Undergrad ‘23
varsha ayyalapu , supporter of survivors
Chieze Okoye, Stanford BAS in Computer Science and Japanese Class of '03, MA in East Asian Studies, Class of '06
Ming Wong, Stanford '03
Sabrina Chao, Stanford Undergrad 2021
Tommy Leep, Stanford BA '06, MA '07
Karina Zeng, Class of 2021
Siobhan Greatorex-Voith, Stanford BA '08, BS '08
Owen Li, B.A. ‘03
Kaela Kennedy, Community member
Sara Dozier, Stanford PhD Candidate '20
Lee Smith, Harvard ‘69
Camilo Espinosa Bernal, Stanford PhD Student in Immunology
Hadley Daniels, Stanford '22
Jenna Lee, Stanford MS in EE '20
Onyi Ozoma, Class of 2021
Senkai Matthew Hsia, Stanford Class of 2023
Jerome Nowak, Stanford PhD Student in ME '23
Jerome Nowak, Stanford PhD Student in ME '23
Sarah Lehman, Undergrad ‘23
Lorena Orozco, Undergraduate
Emily Huang, Undergrad '21
Aaron Appelle, Stanford MS Candidate ‘21
Victoria DiMelis, Stanford ‘22
José Luis Gandara, Stanford Student ‘23
Ilinca Popescu, Undergrad '22
Catherine Wang, Stanford '21
Danny Nguyen, Undergraduate
Erica Wei, Washington University in St. Louis 2020
Emma Offenberg , Stanford Undergraduate '22
Janet Chen, Human Biology '19
Emily Honda Lemmerman, BA 2019
Mackenzie Roan, Stanford Undergrad '20
Andrew Lee, Stanford Ph.D. Candidate in MatSci '24
Julie, Stanford M.S. '21
Michelle Julia Ng, Stanford BA. History, BS. Computer Science '21
Ankita Banerjea, Stanford M.A. Candidate '21
Jay Maturi, Stanford ‘22
Chansol Park, University of Oxford '22
Elena Miller, Stanford undergrad '23
Katherine Nolan, Stanford '22
Garrett Neiman, Stanford BA ‘10
Sophia Jin, Stanford undergrad '23
Maddy Belin, BS'18 MS'19
Omar El-Sabrout, Complit BA condidate
Alina Utrata, Stanford BA in History, 2017
Regina Ta, Class of 2023
Howard Hinton, Stanford Undergrad ‘22
Liezl Puzon, Stanford Undergrad in CS '17
James Huynh, B.A. '15
Cameron Thouati de Tazoult, Stanford Undergrad '20
Brooke Teferra, Stanford '20
Georgia Rosenberg, Stanford '23
Rachel Naidich, Class of 2023
Bless Romo, Stanford '22
Nibha Akireddy, Undergraduate '21
Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines, GSB ‘21
Marcus Lawrence Forst , Stanford PhD Candidate in AP '24, Knight-Hennessy Scholar
Zaeda Blotner, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Helena Silva-Nichols, Stanford '20
Elliott Reichardt, Stanford PhD Student in Anthropology '25
Chloe Brault MacKinnon, Stanford PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature
Jennifer Luo, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Elaine Treharne, Professor of English
Niłtoli Tate, Stanford '23
Sam Schimmel , Stanford Class of ‘22
Zach Perzan, PhD Student in Stanford Earth
Arianna Serafini, Stanford Undergrad '20
Julia Skwarczyński, Stanford BA Candidate '21
Phung Le, Biology ‘20
Famyrah Lafortune, Famyrah Lafortune, Undergrad '22
Burcu Alici, Stanford '23
Gloria Chikaonda , Stanford JSM Candidate in SPILS ‘20
Rio Flores, undergraduate student
Seiji Eicher, Undergraduate c/o ‘20
PaJah Vang, Stanford ‘22
Elisa Rivas, Undergrad Class of 2023
Elizabeth Ford, BA Candidate in Political Science and Spanish Language, ‘20
Benjamin Edward deMayo, BA Psychology 2018, Stanford Staff
Betsayda Puerta, Stanford '22
Daxton Duong, Stanford '22
Jimmie Harris, Master Student in Design Impact '20
Tee N Hoatson, Stanford BA candidate in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies ‘20
Neha Patkar, Stanford ‘23
Sara Clemente, Stanford Staff (Center for Latin American Studies)
Morris Cohen, Triple Stanford alumnus in EE, BS 03, MS 04, PhD 10
John Sullivan, BA '17, graduate student
Kimberly Batdorf, Stanford Undergrad, '22
Mishaela Robison, Undergraduate
Alexandra Crew, Stanford undergrad
rachel lam, stanford undergrad, '19
Benny Siam, Stanford ‘21
Anna Quinlan, Stanford Undergrad
Jane Clayton, Stanford Undergraduate '19
Brooke Schmoyer , Stanford Undergrad ‘23
Jared Poblete, Undergrad ‘22
Komal Kumar, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Leah Johnson, undergraduate '23
Josh Payne, Undergrad
Martin Altenburg, B.S. 2021
Dylan Sherman, Stanford '20
Alexander Li, Stanford B.S. Candidate in CEE '21
Haley O’Brien, Stanford Undergraduate
Karen Ge, Stanford Undergrad ‘23
Kendall Ota, Stanford Class ‘23
Gabriel Saiz, Earth Systems B.S. Candidate 2020
Christopher Wong, Stanford '22
Syd Westley, Stanford '21
Sophia Beauvoir, Undergraduate '21
Josh Singh, Undergraduate '23
Saket Myneni, Undergrad 2021
Lucero Carrasco, Stanford ‘21
Rodolfo Salazar, Stanford Undergraduate in Urban Studies ‘21
Marlon Washington, Stanford BS Candidate '22
Léa Bourgade, Stanford Undergrad, ‘20
Cameron Tenner, Stanford '20
Hugo Kitano, Stanford Graduate Student
Devin Moua, Class of ‘23
Seema Yasmin, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Phoebe Quinton, Undergraduate
Bailey Raean Vought, Stanford Undergraduate, 2023
Roberta Gonzalez Marquez, Stanford Undergraduate ‘23
Rawley D Clark, Stanford Undergrad 20
Amari Dezbah Jones, Stanford Undergrad '23
Indrawati Liauw, Stanford Phd Alumnae, '19
Krishna Patel, Stanford BSH '19, MS '20 in CS
Jason Ginsberg, Stanford MS Candidate in CS ‘20
Levi Norte, Stanford Undergrad 2023
Wadie Mahauad-Fernandez, Stanford Postdoc
Vanessa Poster, BA '85; MA '86
Linda Liu Behar, community member
Nathaniel Kanefield, MBA '20
Everett Harper, Stanford MBA, M.Ed. '99
Maria Tostado, Class of 2006
Shelby Parks, Stanford Master's Candidate in CEE '20
Eva Reyes, Stanford Undergraduate, BA in CSRE '20
Brentley Storm Sandlin, Undergraduate 2022
Emily Elliott, Undergrad ‘22
Chloe Gould, Stanford Undergrad '22
Brenda Flores, Stanford BA, Psychology, 2017
Ron Reichman, PhD student in Art History
Yong-hun Kim, B.S. '19
Ashley Nguyen, Undergraduate ‘23
Kai Bartolone, Stanford Undergrad '23
Kendall Ota, Stanford Class ‘23
Amanda (Rang) Sawa, Class of 2003
Songhee Han, Stanford BS 2018, MS 2021
Elizabeth Burstein, Stanford Undergrad in CS ‘11
Tayonna Ewin, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Jonathon Borja, Stanford Undergraduate, '21
Zoe Ong, Stanford Undergrad '22
Pujun Bhatnagar, Stanford CS grad student
Claudia Lam, staff
Julie Levri, Community member
Charlie K Wang, Stanford graduate, Class of 2008
Chantel Yang, BS '19
Jordan Pollock, Student
Nadia Segura, Undergraduate ('22)
Seth Nosanchuk, Undergrad '20
Daniel Winetsky, MD/MS ‘12
David Wang, Alumna
Sadie Weber, Stanford BA 2012
Emma Bowers , Stanford Undergraduate, 2022
Ashley John , BA ‘12
Lilah McCormick, Undergrad, Class of 2023
Azeezat Adeleke, Stanford Law School '22
Anthony Duarte, Stanford '22
Jamie Lyons, Stanford Alumni, BA'97/PhD'07
Francesca Vera, MS Symsys 19
Emily Yette, Stanford '04
Nate Hardison, Stanford BS ‘09, MS ‘11
Hung The Nguyen, Stanford BS Candidate in CS '20
Angela Casarez, Stanford Undergraduate CO2022
Zora Ilunga-Reed, Stanford Undergrad '22
Marilyn Cachola Lucey, Stanford Graduate Cshoolmof Education Challenge Success School Parent Representative
Peter Ciccolo, Stanford BS/MS '06/'07
Marco Antonio Vasquez, Stanford BS in ME '21
Angela Tran, Undergrad '23
Christopher Copeland, Stanford BS '13, MS '15
Henry Doran, Stanford Law JD Candidate '21
Bethany Rolfe-Hughes, Bethany RH, Ryerson Undergrad '19
Katrina Lewin, Stanford BA ‘08
Majd Quran, Stanford BA '20
Dev Bhargava, BS ‘17, MS ‘18
Charles P Hale, Stanford '17
Kimberly Tran, Stanford ‘22
Kimberly Tran, Stanford ‘22
Patrick Tjandra, Stanford Undergraduate ‘22
Jonathan Leal, Modern Thought & Literature
Adary Zhang, Stanford MD Candidate, MS1
Mia Tovar Hamernik, Washington University in St. Louis ‘21
Hannah Blum, Stanford Undergraduate
Jacob Meisel, BS Candidate in EE '20, MS Candidate in EE '21
Cynthia Samano, Undergraduate
Christopher Koenig, Stanford Master's Candidate in CS
Carter Paterson, Community Member
Ariela Algaze, Stanford Undergraduate
Sandra Clark Kolb, Concerned citizen
Jamie Lyons, Stanford Alumni, BA'97/PhD'07
Keven Victoria , Stanford Undergraduate ‘23
Jon Zeller, Stanford PhD '23
Jade Nguyen, Stanford 2022
Peter Caroline, Stanford BS Candidate in Biology '21
Kelsey Clarke Grode, Stanford BA '10
Jessica Haro, BA '07
Beatrice Choi, Stanford BS '20
Hannah Frank, PhD '17; Postdoctoral Fellow '20
Beth Presser, BA ‘09
Elise Hunter, Bachelor’s Degree, 2005
Carrie Diamond , Concerned citizen and employer of Jessica Haro, Stanford graduate.
Crystal G. Llanos, Stanford Undergraduate 2022
Milton Achelpohl, Stanford BA '13, MA '14
AnQi Yu, Stanford '21
Annette Natividad, Community member
Carlos N Ortiz, BS '07, MS '08
Alai Tseggai, Stanford '07
Alejandro Rivas, Stanford B.A. ‘06, M.A. ‘06
Pasang Sherpa, Former employee, worked from 2005-2015
Caitlin Smith Sayegh, Stanford, ‘09
Teresa Ortega, graduate student and alum
Austin Settle, Stanford MBA
Lauren Hinkley, Stanford Undergraduate ‘21
Heidi Chen, Stanford BS Candidate, Computer Science '20
Alexxandra Goldman, Stanford BA '07
Dhruv Medarametla, Undergraduate '20
Mackenzie Larsen, Stanford MSPA Candidate, School of Medicine '20
Kelsey Clarke Grode, Stanford BA '10
Hagar Gal, Stanford Undergrad '21
Teresa Tarn, Stanford BA '10, MA '11
Carmen Duran, Undeclared
Judy Tsegaye, Stanford Undergrad '21
Kate Heddleston, BA/MS 2010
Hanlu Jin, Washington University in St. Louis, Undergrad '20
Maeve McCormick, Stanford BSH in Geological Sciences, '19
Ariana Milman, Class of 2006
Michael Machala, PhD, MSE '17
Charlotte Bradley, Stanford BS 2010
Kavin Mickey Asavanant, Stanford CS, BS '07, MS '08
Aton Gutierrez Abril, BS '06
Michelle Liechty, Stanford ‘05
Alejandro Virrueta, Stanford '12
Mary C Murphy, Stanford MA 2002; PhD 2007 in Psychology
Janette Canare, Stanford MLA student
Shania Santana, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Mwengwe Mpekansambo , Undergrad class of 2022
Alice Artica , Undergraduate ‘22
Aneeta Rattan, Stanford PhD 2011
John Okhiulu, Stanford Undergrad 21’
Chinenye Ogbonnah, Stanford University undergrad 2020
Christina Black, JD '14
Jessica Cameron , PhD ‘09
Chinenye Ogbonnah, Stanford University undergrad 2020
Jessica De Suza, Undergraduate '21
Nashira Black, Stanford Undergraduate in AAAS ‘22
Ramona Greene, Undergraduate ‘20
Catherine Sakimura, Stanford BA 2001
Jace Tao, Stanford Undergraduate Student '23
Michelle Cai, Class of 2023
Shridhar Athinarayanan, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Chloe Chow, Stanford Undergraduate ‘23
Olayinka Adekola, Stanford Undergrad '23
Danielle Tang, B.S. ‘21
Tess Stewart, Stanford Undergrad '21
Alice Wang, Stanford Undergrad
Lisel Alice Murdock-Perriera , Stanford PhD ‘19 in Education
Caroline Young, Stanford BS Engineering '07
Adamari Alamillo , Stanford Undergrad ‘21
Rozy Eastaugh, Stanford Undergrad '21
Karen Lin, Stanford BA Alumni, 1995
Jay W. Lee, MD, MPH, Class of ‘95
Ann Chen, Stanford BA ‘95
Vanessa S. Chan, Stanford BA, Class of 1995
Eric Wang, Class of 95
Kate Grossman , Undergrad class of 95
Ingrid Byrd, Stanford BA 1995
Chung-Han Lee, Stanford, BA '95
Shawn Wrobel , B.A. 97, M.A. 98
Nita Karnik Lee, Stanford BA '96, Fellowship Gynecologic Oncology 2007
Nick Peters, Class of '95
Erin Perdu (Perry), Earth Systems, ‘95
Jeewoo Choi, Stanford Undergraduate, class of 2023
Meegan Bohmer, Stanford BA 1995 MA 1996
Maddie Bernheim, Stanford University Freshman
Amisha Iyer, Undergraduate '23
Samantha Thompson, Stanford Undergrad '22
Will Dunlop , Undergrad 21
Frances Tinney, JD '22
Drew Wadsworth, Undergraduate ‘22
Joann Lin, Stanford BA, BS ‘95
Sandra Yeh, BA ‘95
Kristin Beattie, B.A. '96
Jane Lin, Stanford Class of 1992
Ellen Posman, Stanford Class of 1992
Rene Coggins, Stanford GSB 2021
Sylvia Fan, ‘92 BS, ‘94 MS
Ellen Schwerin, Stanford BA 1992
Jennifer Helton, BA 92 Ma 93
Jennifer Derwingson-Peacock, BA ‘92
Kevin Smith, Stanford BS 1992
Gayatri Taneja , Stanford Class of 1992
Drew Dixon, BA, 1992
Cynthia Castro Sweet, Stanford BA 1992, Postdoc 1999
Katherine Ponder, Stanford MA in CEAS '21
Morgan-Me'Lyn Grant, BA Candidate 20
Elizabeth Gray, Stanford Undergrad '20
Maria Alejandra Gonzalez, BA 1992
Hana Yankowitz, Stanford Undergrad '22
Jessica Gold, Undergraduate Student, Class of 2020
Sarah Bernstein Jones, B.A. Urban Studies '92
Sanah Parvez, BA '08
Usha Iyer, Asst Professor, Art and Art History
Joel Swann, Undergraduate—Class of 2020
Armaan Rashid, Stanford '22
Gitanjali Bhattacharjee, Stanford CEE
Penelope Van Tuyl, Associate Director, Center for Human Rights and International Justice
Gabriela Palavecino, Stanford BS '19 MS'20
Anne Maggioncalda, Stanford Class 0f 1987
Brigitte Pawliw-Fry, Undergrad '19
Rachel Huddart, Community member
Eva Hoffman, Stanford BA candidate '20
Mitch Therieau, Stanford PhD student, Modern Thought and Literature
Kenneth Gonzalez , Class of 1995
David Ream, Stanford Employee, Retired
Kavita Selva, Stanford Undergraduate '21
Sunny Wu, Stanford Class of 2019, B.A. English with Creative Writing Emphasis
Heidi Hirsh, Stanford PhD Candidate, Earth System Science, 2020
Monique Foung, Stanford alum, '17, '18
Mona Huang , Alumni, BA '15
Gabriela Steiner, Alumni, MS Biomedical Informatics, BS Human Biology
Nathaniel T Stockham, Stanford Undergrad MCS B.S. ‘11, Aero/Astro M.S. ‘15, Neuroscience Ph.D. ‘20
Jasmine Nguyen, Undergrad 23’
Elliot Dauber, Class of ‘23
Joey Gutierrez, MBA '19
Zack Cinquini, Stanford '20
Virginia Wang, BS '15, MS '16
Miranda Vogt, Stanford BS Candidate in Biology '19
Christina Ping, Stanford Undergraduate BS '20
Isabelle Morris, Stanford Class of 2019
Hailemichael Alemneh, Class of ‘23
Michelle Anna Boire, Community Member
Jessie Dalman, B.A. in History ‘18
Nora Brackbill, Graduate Student
Oishi Banerjee, Stanford BA Classics '19, MS Candidate '20
Brian Gresbach, Stanford parent
Daniel Gingerich, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, CEE
Maggie Sko, B.S '20
Farouk Grissom, undergraduate student
Chris Lucas, B.S. ‘18, M.S. ‘19
Callum Tresnan, Stanford Undergrad 22
Laura Tobar, Stanford BA Candidate in Communication ‘21
Elizabeth McCune, BS Earth Systems '18
Sam Alavi, MA '18
Hailee Heinrich, Class of 2023
Damanpreet Singh, Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2023
Amy Xu, Stanford BS '17 MS '19
Michael Goodemote II, Stanford BS '17, MS '21
Bianca R. Draud, Stanford MS '19, BS '17
Leda Morales , Undergrad Class of 2020
Jiya Janowitz, B.A. '19, M.S. Candidate
Alexi Stein, Stanford BS in CS ‘19
Michael Carter, BA Alumnus, Class of 2019
Jordan Reist, Stanford Undergrad '20
Emily klingaman , Undergraduate ‘22, women’s softball
Andy Kim, Stanford Graduate Student in Aero/Astro
Shannon W, BS ‘18
Montanna McKenzie Riggs, Undergrad '23
Natalie Ferrante, Graduate student Mechanical Engineering
Grant Gordon , Undergrad
Hannah Scott, Stanford '21
Patrick Perez, Stanford University Class of 2022
Maria Fraboni, Stanford Staff
Kevia McComb, Stanford 2022
Josephine Flohr , Stanford undergraduate class of 22
Max Vilgalys, Alum, BS in EE '17
Muki Kozikoglu, Class of 2023
Kiran Majeti, Stanford '23
Sofia Arimany, B.A. '17
Allison Berke, Stanford staff
Vikas Maturi, Stanford Undergrad '20
Sonali Singh, Class of 2017
Sonali Singh, Class of 2017
Xavier Martinez, Stanford Undergrad '23
Maria El-Khazindar, Stanford BS Candidate in Product Design ‘19
Gabriella Godines, Stanford BS '17
Omar Garcia, Stanford B.S. 2017, M.D. Class of 2023
Parthiv Krishna, Stanford Class of 2023
Nina Garrison Knight, Stanford BA Candidate ‘22
Kelly Kim, Undergrad 23
Natasha Avery, Class of 2014
Natasha Avery, Class of 2014
Natasha Avery, Class of 2014
Devia Terry, Urban Studies CO ‘21
Alana Hernandez, Class of 2023
Audrey Bloom, B.A. Human Biology ‘21
Iris Zhang, Stanford PhD Candidate in Sociology
Matt Murphy, Undergraduate ‘23
Gilare Zada, Class of 2022
Jason Zhao, Stanford Undergrad '21
Ajay Ravi, Undergraduate ‘23
Joshua Ripple, BA English '19
Natalie Sarmiento, Stanford Undergrad ‘22
Amy L Johnson, PhD Candidate in Sociology
Amr Tamimi, Stanford PhD alum, Chemistry '16
Caroline Agan, staff member at RUF Stanford
Joey Friedman, Stanford undergraduate '23
Amanda Marie Lim, Stanford Undergrad ‘21
Madelyn Bucksbaum Adamson , Stanford Alumni and Stanford parent
Kai Tashima McKenney, Stanford Undergrad '20
Alyssa Wright, Stanford BA '16, JD '19
Armaan Rashid, Stanford '22
Karla Ivonne Villanueva, Stanford c/o 2020
Nicholas Russell, Stanford PhD student in MS&E
Dagny Elise Carlsson, Stanford Class of 2023
Yardena Hirsch, Stanford Undergrad '20
Caroline Young, Stanford MS Candidate '20
Courtney Anderson, Stanford BS Biology '22
Toni Adeyemi , Alumna ‘19
Amy Bolan, Stanford Undergraduate and Coterm Student
Melina Isabel Lopez, Stanford BS Product Design 2020
George Rojano, C/o 2023
Kheli Atluru, Undergrad ‘23
Olivia Witting, Class of 2018
Frances Silva Roig, Stanford 20'
Isabella de Vlieger, Stanford Undergrad '23
Sophia Kreider, Stanford Undergraduate ‘23
Sophie Miller, Stanford B.S. in ChemE '15
Halle Edwards, B.A. '14
Eliza Klyce , Stanford’19
Tenzin Yigha, Stanford Undergrad '22
Justin Lewis-Weber, Aero Astro Undergrad '20
MiMi Tarter, Stanford BA Candidate, Class of 2022
Haley Shaw, BA English, 2016
Emily Stebbins, Stanford STS '17
Joanna Klitzke, Stanford '21
Olivia Brown, B.S. 2021
Bronwyn Margrave, Stanford B.S. 2017
Michelle Zheng, Stanford Undergrad 22
Stephanie Navarro, Class of 2015
Rebecca Wang, Class of '17
Noam Ringach, Stanford BS/MS candidate '21
Sonja Stevenson, Stanford Undergraduate '23
Neel Rao, Undergrad ‘21
Manuel David Porras, Stanford Undergrad '21
Miranda Diaz, Stanford Undergrad '23
Murphy Thomas TEmple, Stanford PhD Candidate in History, '20
Ella Donaghu, Stanford B.S. Candidate in Human Biology ‘20
Christopher Sor, Stanford '23
Brooklynn LiCastro, Political Science ‘22
Grace Wang, Stanford B.S. Candidate in Biology '22
Saachi Jhandi, Stanford 2022
Sahej Claire, Class of 2022
Emily Walck, Stanford BA '17
Lina Karamali, Stanford Undergrad '20
Sarah Wilson, Stanford ChemEng BS '17/MS '18
Diego Rafael Perez, Stanford Undergrad '23
Priya Chatwani, BS CS '20
Katie Holmes, Stanford Undergrad '20
Jesseca Topete, Stanford Undergrad '20
Nolan Matcovich, BA Candidate ‘21
Allen Huang, Stanford '21
Pedro Gallardo, Stanford BA '19
A. Karl Kornel, University IT staff
Heather Backman, BA/MA 2008
Jessica Verhein, Stanford MD/PhD Candidate in Neuroscience
Clarisse Peralta, Stanford Undergrad, ‘15
Lauren Saue- Fletcher, Stanford '22
Alexander Kucy, Alumnus '18
Sarah Long, B.A. International Relations ‘93
Susan Nitta, Undergrad 2015
Mia Muoneke, Stanford ‘23
Madeleine Seitz, BA 2020
Jeremy Sabol, Lecturer, SLE, Stanford
Karen Chen, Stanford '22
Jimin Choi, Stanford MA Candidate in POLS '20
Amanda Koong, Stanford BS '21
Colette Brannan, Stanford BS 2019
Davy Ragland, Stanford B.S. '19
Arielle Wenokur, Stanford Undergraduate '20
Jasmine Ky, Stanford Undergrad '20
Emily Cheng, Class of 2014
Conrad Safranek, Stanford Class of '21
Caitlin Esparza, Stanford Alumni, Class of 2016
Beatriz Yankelevich , Undergrad ‘21
Bryce Johnson, Stanford Undergrad ‘21
Michael Cai, BS ‘20
Sarah Bloom, Stanford Undergrad '23
Ashley Lau, Stanford BSME '19, MSME '21
Chloe B Levin, Stanford BS ‘21
Shimea Bridgewater, Stanford Undergrad ‘23
Selby Wynn Schwartz, Lecturer, Program in Writing & Rhetoric at Stanford
Molly Horwitz, Stanford B.A. '16
Charis Zimmick, Community Member
Hannah S. Richerson , UW-Madison PhD/JD Candidate, 2023
Katie Nawrocki , Wisconsin JD Candidate and victim believer
Laura Jonsson, Stanford Undergraduate '20
Eunice Jung, Stanford BA Candidate Anthropology and International Relations '21
Ali Black, Stanford Undergraduate '20
Peter Vu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, J.D. candidate ‘21
Valory Banashek, B.S. Engineering - Product Design ’21
Avni Kakkar, Stanford Undergrad 21
Tommy Leep, BA '06, MA '07
Sylvie Wilson, Stanford undergraduate '23
Niuniu Teo, Stanford Alum (B.A. 2016)
Gabriele Landis , Community member
Katie Jonsson, Stanford '21
Justine Sombilon, Stanford ‘22
Rachel Carey, Stanford '21
Emma Hard, Stanford Undergrad
Jas Brooks, UChicago PhD student in CS
Darcy Leschly, Stanford '90
Sabrina Raouf , Student Class of 2022
Isabella Ampil, Stanford ‘21
Victoria Hart-Derrick , Undergraduate ‘22
Sarah Midkiff, Community member
Hiran Dewar, Stanford Undergrad ‘23
Daniel Chambers, Stanford Undergraduate 2023
Hannah Gilbert, Stanford Class of 2015
Melissa Hosek, Stanford Student
Aaron Gilkison , Doctoral student Stanford
Julia Heymach, Stanford Undergraduate Student
David Kwoba, Stanford Undergrad ’23
Kara Murray, Stanford BA 2012
Vienna Harvey, Class of 2016
Jonas Kemp, BA ‘16, MS ‘17
Alyssa Thomas, Stanford BA '14
Maya Hunt, Columbia University '17
Jessica O’Dell, Undergrad ‘20
Audrey Huynh, Stanford B.A. ‘19
Kutay Serova, Undergraduate Student '20
Natalie Kim Gable, Stanford MS Candidate in EE '20
Betsayda Puerta, Stanford Undergrad '22
Kaylana Mueller-Hsia, Alumni '19
Nick Sherefkin, Stanford PhD student in sociology
Olivia Martin, Alumni ‘19
John Trecosta, UNC-C MA
Carol J. Trecosta, Community Member

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