Enforcer Application: PAX Unplugged 2019
This form is for NEW APPLICANTS who wish to be considered as staff for PAX Unplugged 2019 (Dec 6-8) in Philadelphia, PA.

REQUIREMENTS: Enforcers must have internet access and commit to regularly reading our private Enforcer forums and Twitter, as these are our primary methods of communication. They must also commit to working a minimum of one scheduled shift per day, each of the 3 days of the show (approx. 15-18 hours total). The shifts will be scheduled in advance, and Enforcers will work each shift in the same department, at the same approximate time each day.

Successful Enforcer applicants will receive a free pass to PAX Unplugged and are not required to have purchased a PAX ticket. Enforcers are paid staff, so you must be at least 18 years of age, eligible to work in the United States, and able to accept a W-2 from PAX.


If you have questions regarding this application, please contact Enforcer Management at enforcers@paxsite.com.

After you submit this form you will see a confirmation page, but you will not receive an email confirmation of your submission. All applicants will receive a response to their application by the end of October.
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The PAX Enforcers are an equal opportunity organization. We will not discriminate on the bases of race, color, gender, gender expression or identity, origin, age, religion, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.
If you have Enforced at ANY previous PAX, email enforcers@paxsite.com and indicate which PAX(es) you've worked previously and that you would like to work Unplugged 2019.
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Will you be at least 18 years old by December 6th, 2019? *
Applicants must be at least 18 years old by their first day of work to join our staff.
Are you eligible to work legally in the United States AND collect a W-2 from PAX?: *
Enforcers are paid staff members. W-2s are the Wage and Tax Statement forms for reporting income to the IRS.
Please provide your current mailing address, including city, state, and zip code: *
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Please provide your phone number: *
For emergencies, a cell phone is preferable.
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Please provide a contact name and phone number in case of emergency: *
Please also include their relation to yourself.
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What is your Twitter handle? *
(Your @, not your account name.) If you don't have a Twitter account, please create one! You will need it for the show. It does not have to be a public account.
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What prior convention experience have you had, if any? *
We'd love to know if you've worked at any conventions as a volunteer, staff or an exhibitor, or if you've attended conventions before!
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Please list any life experiences or specialized training you have had that may be applicable: *
Customer service, first responder, HR, security training, teaching, being a parent, stage/theater tech, IT work, working in your LGS, etc.
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Please list any specific skills or qualities you have that may be applicable: *
Great organizer, spreadsheet savant, outgoing personality, good mediator, shrewd Settlers of Catan skillz, etc.
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Do you have any specific department or assignments in mind?: *
It's okay if you're not familiar with our departments, just guess at what you think would appeal to you.
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Are you available for any set up or tear down days (before and after PAX Unplugged)?:
These are not required, but knowing in advance helps us with planning
Please describe any customer service experience you have, if applicable: *
Where was it? How long did you work there? What was most challenging about it? (If you do not have any customer service experience, answer "N/A")
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Are you comfortable working as part of a team, following instructions/guidance, and receiving feedback? *
Let us know if you have any experience in any of the following areas:
Select all that apply.
Are you comfortable working in large crowds?: *
Are you a gamer?: *
It's not mandatory, we have plenty of non-gamers! Really!
Do you have any references from Penny Arcade, Inc., Reed Exhibitions, or PAX?
This includes Enforcers! References may be required for some positions.
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Why do you want to be a PAX Enforcer? *
This is the most important question on this application, so please give it some thought.
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Please confirm that you WILL be available from Dec 6-8, 2019 inclusive in Philly: *
Enforcers are required to work one scheduled shift each day, Friday through Sunday, totaling about 18 hours across the show.
What is your shirt size? *
Our Enforcer shirts are long sleeved and come in "fitted" or "unisex" styles. The fitted style (sometimes called "ladies" cut) tends to be a closer fit (as in 1-2 sizes smaller than the unisex fit) and slightly shorter; the unisex style slightly looser and longer. Fitted t-shirt size chart: http://www.mygildan.com/store/browse/productDetailsPage.jsp?productId=5400L Unisex t-shirt size chart: http://www.mygildan.com/store/browse/productDetailsPage.jsp?productId=5400
If you would like to make any additional comments regarding your application, please feel free to:
We want to get to know you, is there anything else you can share that will help us see how awesome you are?
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After you submit this form you will see a confirmation page, but you will not receive an email confirmation of your submission.
All applicants will receive a response to their application by the end of October.
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