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Registration is open but you do not have to pay before we can confirm that competition will take place.

Welcome! The Baltic States Tree Climbing Competition will take place in Viljandi, Estonia on the 5th and 6th of June 2020.
To compete in the students’ competition you must meet the following requirements:

1. You represent Baltic countries (Est, LV, LT)
2. You are currently studying in arborist school or a related educational institution, or have graduated no earlier than 2018;
3. You have never competed in a tree climbing competition before.
Walkthrough will be at 12.00 on june 4 th and gearcheck will start at 14.00 same day.
Competition fee for students is 40 €. Please make your payment to Eesti Arboristide Ühing account EE271010220092477013, SEB Bank.
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Do you want breakfast? Breakfast is provided on friday 05.06 at 07. 00 for 5 € per person. You can pay on site or make payment to Eesti Arboristide Ühing EE271010220092477013 SEB Bank . *
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