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This event is open to the public. It's sponsored by the Seattle VE Team and the Amazon Amateur Radio Group ( ).

Use this form to reserve a space in our upcoming exam session

*NOTE* This session was originally intended for a group that will already be downtown for work. For those coming from other areas, traffic and parking at the hour may be difficult.

Here are the details...

The West 8th Tower (Amazon Port 99)
2001 8th Ave Floor 4
Seattle, WA 98121
Find the "Virginia" conference room on the 4th floor

Monday, October 2nd. Arrive between 5pm and 6pm. Stay until you’re done.

You will need to bring your government issued photo ID.

Before you can register for this session, you must obtain a FCC Registration Number (FRN) if you don't already have one. If you've had any type of FCC license in the past, see that for your number. Otherwise, you can get a new FRN instantly by registering with the FCC here:

There are no fees for this exam session and no money will be collected for any reason. Unlike many other exam teams in our area, we're coordinated through the Laurel VEC which does not charge fees for any of its services and is entirely volunteer run. This also allows us to minimize paperwork and submit our records to the FCC electronically. As a result, you may end up obtaining your new license as soon as the next business day instead of the typical 1-2 weeks.

If you're driving to the session, note that traffic can be quite heavy at that time. Street parking is sometimes available around the building and would require paying a meter. The building also has hourly parking available in its garage. For two hours they would charge you $15 and they only take cards. Even though the garage says it closes at 7pm, you don't need to worry about leaving by that time since you will already be in the building. The approximate address of the garage entrance is: 762 Virginia St, Seattle

For any other questions you may have, please email:
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