Credible Personal Loans Best Rate Guarantee Claim Form
This form will be used to verify that you qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee Promotion. Before submitting this Claim form, please review the Best Rate Guarantee Terms and Conditions provided at -
What personal loan lender did you receive a Better APR from? (Remember, the Better Rate must be from a lender that is not participating on the Credible Website.) *
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What is the APR % of the Better Rate (excluding any discounts such as auto-pay/ACH discount and loyalty discounts)? *
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What is the loan amount that you requested from the lender with the Better Rate? *
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Was your account created with the other lender before or after receiving pre-qualified rates on the Credible Website? (Remember, you must have received the Better Rate after you received pre-qualified rates on the Credible Website) *
In years, what is the term length of the loan with the other lender (e.g., 2 years, 5 years, etc.)? *
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Was a co-signer included on the application with the other lender? *
Is the Better Rate you've received in the form of a final offer of credit (i.e., has a hard credit pull occurred)? *
What is the date you received your offer of credit from the other lender? *
Is the Better Rate a fixed or variable APR? *
Do you intend to close this loan? *
To be eligible for the Better rate Guarantee the new loan most close and be funded (and not later cancelled) within thirty (30) days of receiving pre-qualified rates on the Credible Website.
What is the email used for your account on Credible? *
We need this to verify the pre-qualified options you received on our site.
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Remember to email your proof of the funding of your personal loan from the other lender with the subject line "Personal Loan Best Rate Guarantee" within seven (7) days of the loan funding to (and note that the loan must fund within 30 days of the date you received pre-qualified options on the Credible Website).
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