"Celebrating A Year of Blogging" Wrap Up Survey
As I am celebrating one year of blogging plus the end of my blog I would love if you would take this short survey! It's completely anonymous. I ask a few more "personal" questions as well as just some fun ones that I'm interested in seeing your answers. =) Thank you SO much for all of your encouragement and faithfulness in reading my blog! ♥♥♥
How long have you read Becoming Lost? *
How did you find Becoming Lost? *
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What is your favorite post that I've written? *
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What post do you think challenged or encouraged you the most? (this may not be the one that was your favorite...just the one that you thought the most on or were challenged the most from reading:) *
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How often do you(or have you;) read my blog posts? *
Do you check back often to see a bloggers reply on your comment? (this is for blogs in general...not just mine) *
Any other comments/stories, etc? =)
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