ISSTD Classified Ad Request Form

ISSTD Members are permitted to submit an announcement/advertisement one time per month. Announcements will be posted on the THIRD FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH in a single message, on a schedule determined by the Community Moderator. Announcements/advertisements fall into two categories:

Announcements/advertisements that are allowed:
- Scientific or professional conferences and trainings of relevance/interest to Community members;
- Standalone workshops and trainings of relevance/interest to Community members;
- Abstracts from publications and links to journal articles or topical articles;
- Information about a published article you have written, which may include a third-party link to purchase/view
  the article;
- Information about a published book you have written, which may include a third-party link to purchase the book;  - Outside/local Community resources (agencies, workshops, etc.) that could benefit clients.

Announcements/advertisements that are not allowed:
- Solicitations for clients or other advertisements for your private professional services (i.e., not a training,
  presentation, article, book, etc.);
- Solicitations for participants in, or other advertisements related to, research projects;
- Unmoderated posts of any kind included in categories A and B.

Guidelines for Distributing an Announcement/Advertisement:
- Submit a request via this form no later than the SECOND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH for inclusion in that month’s
   announcement message.
- If you as a member stand to benefit financially or in some other way, either directly or indirectly, from the
   information you submit for distribution, you must clearly indicate this in your request (included in the form).
- Moderators approve announcements, but they do not endorse the content of the announcement;
- Moderators and/or the Executive Committee reserves the right to decline distribution of any announcement. If
   this occurs, then the submitter will be notified of the reason their announcement has been withheld.

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Please select the Community where you wish your classified ad to be posted. Please note that you must be a member of the Community in order to post a classified ad. Only one community may be selected. Classified ads are only permitted in the ISSTDWorld Member Forum, Special Interest Groups, Regional Online Communities, and the SEP Forum. Classified ads are not permitted in any other Community including committees or task forces.
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