Indie Theater Fund Covid19 Emergency Grant
The Indie Theater Fund closed our Rapid Relief Funds application temporarily ON MONDAY 4/20/20 in order to address the hundreds of applications we already have in. We've received 800 applications so far. We've funded 500+, granting just over $300,000.

We have been and will continue to work through these applications to identify artists in the most urgent need, centering artists of color, LGBTQIA+ artists, immigrant/undocumented artists and those with disabilities. We are processing applications as fast as our money is coming in and are doing everything we can to fund ALL eligible applications. As successful as our push for funding has been, we do NOT have money to fulfill all the applications already received. Please continue to share our campaign and direct people to our website to donate.

We understand this is an incredibly stressful time and that hearing ANOTHER application is closed can be devastating. We promise we are fighting and pushing for more funding for you every single day. We are advocating for you within the larger funding community and we won't stop when the dust settles.

If enough funding comes, we will re-open the application.

Below is a list of resources, compiled by League of Independent Theater, The Indie Theater Fund and IndieSpace, that may be helpful. However, if you are in serious, dire need (without food, meds or housing today), please reach out individually to and we will try our best to direct you personally to other resources.

We see you. We love you. We support you. You are so important to us and to this amazing, but impossible city. Each and every one of you are vital to the field. United, we look forward to being in the space together to celebrate our collective resiliency and to experience your future performances!
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