AS Degree Learning Outcomes Faculty Survey
The Seattle Colleges are developing common AS degrees shared by all of the colleges, including the AS. degree learning outcomes (LOs). A committee of faculty members from North, South, and Central Seattle College have developed a draft of common AS Degree Learning Outcomes and we would love your feedback! The proposed outcomes were based on the existing learning outcomes at each college, the district's common AA Degree Student Learning Outcomes, and sources from ABET, AAS, and the AACU.

Please take a look at the proposed AS Degree Learning Outcomes (attached to the email of this survey, and linked below) and answer the following questions about aligning your current course level learning outcomes to one or more of the proposed learning outcomes. There is an opportunity at the end of the survey for general feedback.

Proposed Learning Outcomes:

At which college(s) in our district do you regularly teach? *
Check all of the prefixes for classes you regularly teach: *
Below are the proposed district-wide A.S. degree Learning Outcomes. With which of these outcomes do your *course outcomes* align? (Check all that apply.) *
Which of the A.S. degree Learning Outcomes do you currently assess or will you be able to assess? (Check all that apply.) *
In your opinion, should any of the following *not* be included in the A.S. degree learning outcomes? (Check all that apply.) *
If your course contains a course learning outcome that is *not* covered by any of the proposed A.S. degree Learning Outcomes, please write the course title and course learning outcome below.
Do you have any other feedback you would like to share about the proposed A.S. Learning Outcomes?
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