2021 Hawai'i History Day Virtual FairJudge Sign Up
Thank you for your interest in serving as a Hawaiʻi History Day judge, and for your time and dedication to the Hawaiʻi History Day Program! Without your service, this statewide program would not be possible. Please read the following carefully before filling in this form.

1) Our Hawaiʻi History Day district fairs and state fair will be virtual this year (judging will be done via National History Day (NHD) ZFairs registration system).
2) Every fair is separate, but virtual.
3) If you have judged for a History Day Fair before, you can sign up to judge for more than 1 fair (maximum 2). If you are a first time judge, please sign up to judge for only one fair.
4) All fairs will be judged concurrently, so if you sign up for more than one fair, you may be contacted by different historian consultants for additional judging instructions.

Thank you again for your time and dedication to the Hawaiʻi History Day Program! We look forward to seeing you online!
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Please indicate one primary race/ethnic/cultural background you identify with. We know this is a hard question and the selection below is inadequate. We are gathering this data so we can assess and make concrete program goals about judge recruitment, to grow and strengthen this important leadership group in our Hawai'i History Day program, and better serve our very diverse students. Thank you for your help with this! *
If you selected "My primary race/ethnic/cultural identification is none of the above," and you would like to indicate the primary race/ethnicity you identify with, please indicate this below.
Please indicate how long you have been judging for Hawaiʻi History Day
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Please indicate the Hawaiʻi History Day Virtual Fair that you would like to judge. (District Fairs judging February 19-March 5, State Fair judging April 12-April 19) *If you are a first-time judge, please select only one fair. If you have judged with us before, you may select two fairs.
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Molokaʻi District Fair
Kauaʻi District Fair
Leeward District Fair
State Fair
ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Category
Special Notes: Please write in here any special notes we should consider (ie: "I cannot judge any projects from Mililani High School because I teach there.")
I have done substantial research with and am proficient with ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi such that I could judge a student project without translation.
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Please choose your the project categories you would prefer to judge for (1 being your top choice, and 5 being your last choice in terms of preferred projects).
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