In-Person FICCC Combined Commencement Sunday Worship Service - May 30, 2021
You are invited to attend the In-Person FICCC English/Mandarin Combined Commencement Sunday Worship Service on May 30, 2021 in our building on 429 Mitchell Street. Since Cornell has a commencement service in the morning, we have moved the worship service to 6:45 pm. Unlike other years, no dinner will be served before the service, so we encourage you to eat before you come. However, we will be serving refreshments after the worship service in our backyard.

The New York government now allows fully vaccinated people to meet together indoors without social distancing and masks. However, since the Cornell commencement events still require people to wear masks and be six feet apart, we will have the same requirements for our commencement worship service. But since the Cornell compact has no requirements regarding the distance for singing, we can have congregational singing while only being six feet apart instead of 12 feet. So we can have more people in our worship service.
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