Bipolar and Psychedelics survey
Hey! Thanks for taking time to fill out this *anonymous* survey. I'm looking to speak with folks with Bipolar 1 and 2 who have used or continue to use psychedelics to hear about their experience for a new feature I'm working on. If you don't mind answering more questions, please leave your email at the end so I can contact you.
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Do you have bipolar 1 or 2?
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How old are you now?
How old were you when you were diagnosed with bipolar?
Are you on any medications for bipolar? If so, which?
Have you taken psychedelics since your diagnose? If so, which?
What was that experience like?
What was your experience in the days and weeks following your psychedelic journey?
Did you experience any lasting mania, hypomania or psychosis?
Did you experience any lasting visuals (trails, halos, things in the corner of your eye) or disassociation? If so, could you describe?
Have you ever mixed bipolar medication like Lithium, Lamictal or another mood stabilizer/anti-psychotic with psychedelics? If so, were there any drug reactions?
If you’ve continued to take psychedelics, please tell me about which kinds and how often here.
Have you ever micro dosed? What was that experience like?
Do psychedelics help with your symptoms of bipolar? If so, how?
Can psychedelics aggravate your symptoms of bipolar? If so, how?
Would you be open to speaking to me about this in more depth? You can still remain anonymous in the article. If so, drop your email here!
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