Watchung PTO 2020-2021 Survey
As summer begins, it is never too early to start thinking about the upcoming school year. Please share your opinion and insight so we can hit the ground running in September!

Membership Enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year will begin on July 1! Stay tuned for membership and meeting information.
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Phone Number
Kid(s) and Incoming Grade Level
Were you a PTO member last year? Did you volunteer for any committee/event?
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What career experience and/or special skills could you offer to the PTO / our school district? Ex. graphic or web design, photography, health and fitness, baking, accounting, writing and communication, etc
Are you interested in joining and/or chairing any of the below committees? Note: Some committees have returning chairs from last year.
Box Tops
Bulletin Board - Bayberry
Bus Chaperone
Bus Driver and Custodian Appreciation
Cultural Arts - Bayberry
Cultural Arts - Valley View
Field Day - Bayberry
Field Day - Valley View
First Day of School - Bayberry
First Day of School - Valley View
Food Sales - Bayberry
Food Sales - Valley View
Holiday Boutique - Bayberry
Holiday Boutique - Valley View
Holiday Boutique - Pre-School
Hospitality (Welcoming, Refreshments, etc)
Ice Cream Social
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
L. Suzanne Kennedy Scholarship
Mother's Day
Movie Night
Narratives of Courage
Teacher Appreciation - Bayberry
Teacher Appreciation - Valley View
Yearbook - Bayberry
Are you interested in joining any of the below committees? These committees have returning chairs from last year.
Book Fair - Bayberry (already has chair)
Book Fair - Valley View (already has chair)
International Day (already has chair)
Library - Bayberry (already has chair)
Picture Day - Bayberry (already has chair)
Sweetheart Dance (already has chair)
Do you have a child entering Kindergarten, 4th Grade, or 8th Grade? If so, would you like to be on the Parent Committee for that Graduating Class?
I'd like to JOIN the Parent Committee
4th Grade
8th Grade
Should we create a committee that isn't previously listed? What events/activities would you like to see in the schools in the upcoming year?
What would make you more likely to attend a PTO meeting?
As we schedule our PTO meetings for the coming school year, what meeting options do you prefer?
Indicate your preferred method of communication on PTO updates/events. 1 = preferred, 5 = least preferred
1 - most preferred
5 - least preferred
Social Media
Monthly E-mailed Newsletter
Part of the School "Backpack"
Clear selection
The PTO has used various fundraising options this past school year. What options did you participate in? If you have an idea for a great PTO fundraiser that you would participate in, please include in your comment below!
The PTO is considering many different fundraising options for the coming school year. Would you participate in any of the following?
What is your largest barrier to your participation in the PTO?
While we don't yet know what the coming school year has in store for us, we would like to continue to hold community events for our parents and students. How comfortable are you with the following?
Not Comfortable
In-Person Outdoor Gatherings
Indoor Gatherings for Small Groups
Virtual Programming for Students
Virtual Programming for Parents
Anything else to add?
Thank you for your survey participation from your Incoming PTO Board - Sonia Matinho (1st Vice President), Pinky Malholtra (2nd Vice President), Kathleen Ruperto-Ferrara (Corresponding Secretary), and Karent Locke (Treasurer)! If you have any concerns - please e-mail the incoming PTO President, Daryl Eisenberg Knegten, at
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