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Please fill in the form below if you would like to be part of this very exciting project. Whether you are interested in making films or interested in a topic that you feel film would be a good platform to promote this is a fantastic project to get involved in. You don't need to have any experience in making films as we will be working with an experienced professional editor who will advise on the project.
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When would be best for you to take part in online sessions after our introduction on 23rd November? (all will be online and in the evening on weekdays and flexible times at weekends)
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Do you have any experience in film making?
Are you interested in filming a specific project? Or film-making in general? Do you already have a project in mind? Or one that you’re working on? If not, that’s okay!
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Please join us on 23rd November at 6pm for Lucien (Editor) to talk to people to get a feel of levels of experience and what interests people most - such as working on a specific social issue project or a short comedy or drama piece (that may be about a social issue). Some possible participants may already have a project they’re working on and would find it useful to have some advice on. All joining details at
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