Pathfinder Meeting Absences
In order to help the counselors keep track of attendance it is important that we know when a Pathfinder will be absent and why. We want them there, but if they miss too many meetings or weekend activities it can be a challenge for them to make up the activities missed and also for the counselors to plan.

Please help us by filling out the form below for every time your Pathfinder misses a Wednesday night meeting. (Currently this will only be used for Wednesday meetings, not for weekend activities.) If your Pathfinder has three unexcused absences in a row we will assume they no longer wish to be a part of the Collegedale Pathfinder Club and will be removed from our club list. If they have three unexcused absences during the year we would like to meet with you and your Pathfinder to discuss the commitment to Pathfinders.

Thank you for helping us out this way.
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