Outskrts 2020: Performers
Do you identify as someone on the outskirts of the queer community?
Are you a performer? Singers, rappers, bands, dancers, comedians, drag-kings, etc.

We're looking for a variety of performance types! Do something out of the ordinary? Great! All acts will be considered.

The 2020 festival takes place in late Summer 2020.
We're looking for performers for the festival and pre and post festival events like fundraisers.
What type of act do you have? *
Examples: Singer, Band, Rapper, DJ, Dancer, Drag-King
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What is the name of your act? *
This will be used to reference your act in media like the website, Facebook, etc.
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Describe your act: *
Example: "We're a 4 piece all female band from Kansas City that plays pop music."
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How many members in your act? *
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Where is the home base of your act? *
Example: Kansas City, MO
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Examples of your act: *
Please list links to social media, videos, bandcamp, etc.
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