FabLab Application Form
Thank you for your interest in starting a Junior FabLab in your school! Simply fill in this form and we will contact you shortly to inform you if we have any club leaders in your area or to provide you with the rest of the details.

This form is designed for school teachers and other school staff members. If you are a parent and you would like to bring FabLabs to your child/children's school, please contact the school's science coordinator as a school representative needs to apply for this program themselves.

For any queries, please use the final section of this form or email us at enquiries@steamworks.org.uk and we'll contact you shortly!

Disclaimer: your information will NOT be stored nor used for any other purposes outside of this application.
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If you are unsure, please provide a rough estimate. This helps us figure out whether we need one or more club leaders and whether it would be best to organise several separate workshops for your school.
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