DWJH AVID Student Application
Applications due April 10, 2020
If you are a 7th grader who is currently in AVID at DWJH, you do not have to re-apply.
If you have any questions about the AVID application please email Mrs. Maxwell at mmaxwell@dpisd.org
If needed, before you fill out the application. Answer these questions on notebook paper using complete sentences. You will put in your answers to these questions later.
1. What do you think is your strongest academic subject? Why?

2. What do you think is your weakest academic subject? Why?

3. What are your goals for college?

4. What do your parents tell you about college?

5. What activities are you involved in? What activities would you like to be involved in next year? (Sports, Music, Volunteering, etc.)

6. In AVID, you will be expected to study more and take harder classes. Are you willing to do extra work to assure your success?

7. Life is full of opportunities and dreams. Some people do not take the opportunities life offers to fulfill their dreams, while others are determined and motivated to accomplish their dreams. Write about your dreams and goals and how you plan to accomplish them.
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