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Welcome to Basacchi Fitness Online Training
I am SO HAPPY that you are here because that means you want to become a better version of yourself! That is SO awesome!

I coach women and men to become the BEST version of themselves - in whatever way that looks like to you.

Imagine yourself as your best self. What do you look like? How do you act and react? But most importantly, how do you FEEL?

My online personal training program gives you the FREEDOM to workout where you want, with your own equipment at home or at a gym, any time you want. Programming is created on a 4 week basis and is completely tailored to your goals, abilities, and equipment that you have available to you.

With online training, you will get:

✔ Access to the easy-to-use Basacchi Fitness App for your workouts, progress, and communication.
✔ 2-5 workouts scheduled for you weekly, tailored to your fitness levels, abilities, and goals.
✔ Complimentary 30 minute consultation call where we will discuss your goals and create your plan.
✔ Weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track.
✔ Weekly progress photos analysis, weighs-ins, and measurements to track your progress.
✔ Unlimited adjustments for strength & endurance progression.
✔ Unlimited motivation, support, & guidance to ensure your success!

Please answer these questions as honestly as possible.

*If you live in the Simcoe County region and want an in-person experience, go back and apply for Private or Semi-Private Training.*
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What is your current fitness level? *
Do you currently have, or have had any injuries? *
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