Our Project in Hawaii's Intertidal (OPIHI) Application
This is an application to enroll in a professional development course being conducted by the University of Hawaii’s Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG). OPIHI is a citizen science program where secondary school students monitor rocky intertidal areas in Hawai‘i. Teachers and students learn marine ecology conservation and are trained in field methodology, species identification, and sampling techniques.

Ten years ago, OPIHI student data resulted in the first description of community-level patterns at intertidal sites across Hawai‘i. The main purpose of this professional development opportunity is to rigorously monitor Hawai‘i’s intertidal to determine if and how the organisms have changed since the original OPIHI surveys 10 years ago. We will also be adding new OPIHI sites so we can further our understanding of the intertidal in Hawai‘i.

If selected to participate, you will be required to do OPIHI with at least one of your classes. You will be asked to implement pre-field trip lessons (at least a week of traditionally scheduled class time), take an OPIHI field trip to the intertidal, and allow for additional class time to upload the data to our database and analyze data. OPIHI activities are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); but we think all teachers involved in STEM will be able to successfully implement these lessons!

Teacher participants are eligible to receive the classroom supplies needed to implement OPIHI, earn 3 professional development credits from the HI Department of Education, and earn a stipend ($150) for your participation in the educational research component of the project. Travel support is available for teachers from Moloka‘i and Lana‘i. Bus transportation costs (for students to go on OPIHI intertidal field trip) are also available.

The research portion of this professional development will involve collecting information from you in confidential surveys, and assessments from you and your students. Only a limited number of teachers will be chosen to participate in this unique professional development opportunity.

In addition to filling out this application, please send Joanna Philippoff (philippo@hawaii.edu) a resume.
The application deadline is October 31, 2016.
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For example, you may have gotten your master's in curriculum studies and be a DOE HQT in science. Please also indicate if you are in the process of getting any degree or credential.
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Are you able to take students on a field trip to the intertidal? *
On OPIHI field trips students will not get wet above their knees, thus, you do not need to have a lifeguard present. OPIHI field trips need to be held on dates/times with low tides in spring 2017 (generally in the mornings). We will work with you to choose a good date for your field trip based on your location and the tide. We will also work with you to find adult science assistants to help in the field. OPIHI field trips are about 3 hours. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide funding for substitutes.
If you answer "no" or "not sure" to the above question, please explain why.
If chosen for this professional development, what are the characteristics of the class will you be immersing in OPIHI? *
Please let us know the grade (e.g., 9th grade biology) and approx. number of students (e.g., 28 students) of the class you teach that you are interested in doing OPIHI with. We recommend not taking more than 30 students, maximum, on a field trip.
Will you need funding to offset the cost of transporting your students to the OPIHI intertidal site? *
We are able to reimburse your school up to $275 to offset the cost of bus transportation to an OPIHI field site.
(Optional) What additional information should we know, or would you like to share, about your potential OPIHI class?
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