University Band and Non-Music Major Wind Ensemble Audition Form
All non-music major students interested in participating in a concert band at the University of Maryland will need to complete and submit the following form by 11:59PM, Sunday 8/30.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Potter -



Undergraduate University Band participants must enroll in MUSC 229U
Graduate University Band participants must enroll in MUSC 629U

Wednesdays 7:30-9:30 PM in Room 2540 at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

Fall 2020 Concerts:
-Friday, October 30, 8pm
-Friday, December 4, 8pm

Auditions for the University Band are for part assignment only, not for admittance - anyone with previous experience is welcome to be a part of the University Band.




Undergraduate Wind Ensemble participants must enroll in MUSC 229E
Graduate Wind Ensemble participants must enroll in MUSC 629C

MWF 11:00AM - 12:30PM in Room 2540 at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

Non-music majors interested in performing in the Wind Ensemble will be selected based on the audition form submissions and the instrument needs of the Wind Ensemble. Selection is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions about the audition process for the Wind Ensemble, please contact Dr. Andrea Brown -


We have a small number of instruments available for use during the semester. If you need to check-out an instrument, please email

The audition form is due by 11:59PM, Friday January 24, 2020.

Happy Practicing!
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Which ensemble would you like to be considered for? *
How do you want your name listed in the program? *
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Instrument *
If you have played in the University Band previously, please list the semesters below:
If joining the UBand, would you be interested in participating in a chamber ensemble? *
Woodwind and Brass Players
Please submit a video of you playing the following excerpts with clear view of your face in the video frame. Please make sure all of the videos have the appropriate privacy settings so that they may be accessed by the conductors. YouTube links are preferred.

1. A full-range chromatic scale (Quarter notes @ 120 bpm minimum speed).

2. Two 2-3 minute excerpts: one fast/technical and one slow/expressive. The two excerpts should demonstrate both best qualities of your playing and should consist of any music with which you are most comfortable. You can use portions of solos, etudes, old all-state/all-district audition music, or band/orchestral excerpts, etc. Please skip over large sections of rests.
Winds/Brass - Submit your audition video link below:
Second audition video link (if necessary):
Third audition video link (if necessary):
Playing auditions for percussionists are not required. In lieu of an audition, please provide a description of your experience on the various percussion instruments in the space below. Include the instruments you are best/worst at, your favorite/least favorite, and the ones you want to play/want to avoid.
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