Application Form for Long-Term EVS project- 03/24/2018-07/31/2018(Muş,Turkey) Deadline to Apply is 11th March

Youth Accumulation Association was established in 2006 by a group of young people in order to contribute to the social and personal development of young people.
The four main objectives of our association are;

1- To enhance respect, friendship and tolerance among young people and to help them to become conscious individuals
2- To support the talents of young people by trainings
3- To help young people to participate and to harmonize not only in the business life but also in civil life successfully
4- To protect and to raise awareness among young people about any kind of health threat, especially about cancer
Notice: This application form must be filled in English

P.S. All the expenses will be covered including the flight tickets,Visa if required===> will be reimbursed ,food and also the accomodation.

Send your CV and Letter of Motivation to and

We Hope to see you Soon in Muş,

Team Gencbirikim Derneği!

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5. What would you like to learn during the project?
1. What’s your motivation for applying for EVS?
3. Have you previously participated in voluntary service, community activities and activities with youth or concerning education? If yes, please describe them.
2. Why do you wish to work abroad as a volunteer?
6. Which are skills and abilities you can use during the project?
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