Tri-Expo 2019 - Spotlight Request
By filling out this form you will be submitting your information to Trixel Creative for further review. Please take your time to choose carefully, as you can not edit the form once it has been submitted.

Tri-Expo 2019 is an annual livestream hosted by Trixel Creative. The purpose of Tri-Expo is to showcase current and upcoming UGC projects, content, resources, news and/or services created by Trixel Creative and the community.

Requirements for Trailers:
1.) Trailers that are shown at Tri-Expo must include the name and/or logo of the person or group who is presenting it. For example, all Trixel Creative projects show the Trixel Creative logo before or during the start of the trailer.
2.) Trailers must show the logo/name of the project itself at some point during the trailer, and preferably towards the end.
3.) Trailers must not be longer than roughly 2 minutes.

Requirements for Announcements:
1.) Announcements must be made in the form of a video, even if the video consists of one image being played.
2.) Announcements should generally be no longer than 2 minutes.
3.) Announcements should be based on a community Trixel Creative or its audience is largely involved with.

Requirements for Gameplay:
1.) Gameplay shown after a related trailer must be no longer than ~4 minutes.
2.) Gameplay must also begin with the logo of the group or individual presenting it.
3.) Gameplay must also end with the logo/name of the project itself.

Trixel Creative's administrators will be responsible for reviewing the spotlight admissions submitted. Limited stream spots are available, and due to time constraints we may not be able to air every gameplay video that is submitted. We will try our best to include as many appropriate trailer or trailer and gameplay videos that are submitted.

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At Tri-Expo, each presentation slot is presented by an individual person (eg. username / @ handle), or by a group (eg. team name, company name, fan-site name, etc.).
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We will be live-tweeting project announcements and trailer reveals as they premiere on the stream. We ask that you please provide us with basic "marketing" materials, like screenshots, a title card image, or anything we can use to announce your project via social media. If no promo material is provided we will either not announce your spotlight on social media, or we will take a screenshot from a part of the video you provide.
Please submit the content you wish to spotlight *
Please upload your finalized video to a service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. Once done, be sure to copy and paste a link here! (Don't forget to make the link so that we can download the video, and please keep it available until Tri-Expo is over).
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