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This training is offered on a sliding scale and has the capability of paying for itself after teaching one Consent & Cookies workshop for-hire -- if you choose to use the training for-profit. Of course, I can't guarantee that but I can teach you how to facilitate a great workshop that you can do what you wish with -- update it, edit it, improve it, keep it the way it is, make it your own! The more consent education in this world, the better! Some ideas to get this training funded include crowdsourcing the fees from your community members that want to support your consent & sex education work (think GoFundMe or IndieGoGo or even just plain ol PayPal) or inquiring about a professional development budget from the educational institution your work for.
Would you like the Spanish-language materials included in your purchase for an additional $50?
Sex educator Angelique Luna has translated all of the teaching training materials into Spanish including all handouts, shopping list, slide show, instructions for educators, and activity instructions. A Spanish-language webinar is pending but for now, only an English-language webinar is available.
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