Prescription Refill Policy
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To ensure safe monitoring of your medications and continuity of care, we have implemented the following measures for refilling your prescriptions while under our medical care.
Due to increasing instances of inappropriate automated refill requests from certain pharmacies, we have decided not to respond to those requests. We request our patients to contact us directly for a medication refill.

Prescriptions for a maximum of 90 day supply in stable patients with no dosage changes expected. We expect our stable patients to schedule follow-up appointments every three months at the minimum.

Prescriptions for a maximum of 30 day supply while titrating medications. We expect regular monthly follow-up while your medications are adjusted so we can adequately monitor the effects of the change.

Schedule II Controlled substances prescriptions (most psychostimulant medications) can legally be prescribed only for 30 day supply at a time and need monthly follow-up for appropriate monitoring. No exceptions and no early refills.

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