ICCA Unsung Hero Award in Memoriam to Liberty (Libby) Moore **NEW DEADLINE-Nomination Forms must be submitted by December 15th, 2018**
Libby Moore was a long time member and supporter of the ICCA, serving as a Region 4 Representative as well as the ICCA Membership Director. She coached Junior High cheerleading at South Fork Junior High in Kincaid, IL. This award will be given annually to one Junior High athlete and one High School athlete in Memory of Libby Moore at the ICCA Championship weekend. Coaches should nominate ANONYMOUSLY a member athlete of their team who is the quiet, unsung hero.
The following characteristics should be considered when submitting a nomination for this award:
● Someone who makes a solid contribution to a group or effort without being recognized for it.
● Someone who does extraordinary things for others without ever seeking credit for it.
● Someone who makes selfless contributions for their team.
● Someone who is always willing to help teammates and community members.
● Someone who has a strong commitment to academic excellence.
● Someone who is always willing to go above and beyond to represent their school.
● Someone who shows selflessness at school toward their peers.
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