Application for the 18th Würzburger Improtheaterfestival from October 24th to October 27th, 2019
What's happening at this year's festival?
We have designed a workshop program with a good variety of interesting, challenging and inspiring themes and we are super excited! We will be offering five regular workshops lasting 12 hours as well as three intensive ones lasting 16 hours. Of course, we will also have a diverse selection of shows in our program.

How does the registration for the workshops work?
Simply apply between May 8th and May 22nd and your application will automatically go into our lottery.
Afterwards we will draw names from all the applicants to allocate the workshop spots. In the following days we will either send you a confirmation of a workshop spot or - if your name hasn't been drawn - a confirmation for our waiting list. If you are being offered a spot, please confirm your registration by transferring your festival-fee within ten days.

What happens if I can't make it to the festival?
Until August 31st you can cancel your workshop spot and we will transfer your festival fee (minus an administrative fee of 30 Euros) back to your bank account right away. If you cancel your spot after August 31st, we will first have to find someone from the waiting list to fill your spot. If we are successful in finding someone, we will transfer the fee back to your bank account minus the administrative fee of 30 Euros.
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Look at the descriptions below and pick the one that best describes you.
This year we have eight workshops that you can apply for through our lottery system, given by the following instructors: Sylvie Polz, Beatrix Brunschko, Sarah Kinsella, Ignacio Lopez, Gonzalo Rodolico, Jo McGinley and Stephen Kearin. Five of them last 12 hours starting on Friday, October 26th. Three last 16 hours, starting on Thursday, October 25th. Please note that not all workshop take place in English!

Below, please select the festival workshops you are most interested in - your first, second and third choice. Please make sure you match the experience level required for them.

Please note: If you are picked in the lottery but cannot be fitted into the workshop of your first choice, we will automatically put you in the workshop of your second or third choice. The order of placement is determined by the lottery.

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If you haven't gotten in two years in a row your name will be put into the lottery twice.
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The workshop fee includes participation in a workshop as well as lunch and dinner at the Youth Hostel during the workshop period. Drinks outside of mealtime are not included. The workshop fee depends on whether you're participating in a 12 hour workshop or a 16 hour workshop and wether you're paying the full or the reduced fee. So first of all, please select which fee applies to you (the reduced fee applies to students or unemployed people).
During the festival you can stay at the Youth Hostel next door. It is offering multiple-bedrooms with either four, five, six or eight beds. Please tell us if you would like to stay at the Youth Hostel.
Staying at the Youth Hostel *
Accommodation Fee
One night at the Youth Hostel costs 30,50 €. Regular accommodation includes: three nights at the Youth hostel for a 16-hour workshop (Thursday to Sunday) or two nights at the Youth Hostel for a 12-hour-workshop (Friday to Sunday). If you are participating in a 12 hour workshop but don’t want to miss out on our grand opening gala on Thursday, you can book an additional night (Thursday to Friday). If you are coming from far away and would therefore like to arrive on WEDNESDAY already, please send us an email, once you have received the confirmation for your workshop spot and we will handle it separately.
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Code of Conduct
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Our code of conduct helps to ensure that everybody feels safe and happy at the festival. Here is a link to the code:
This newsletter gives you general information about upcoming avtivities of the festival association and informs you about the important milestones for the annual festival in October (f.ex. the show application process).
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Please note that by fiilling out this registration form you are agreeing to submit your data via google forms (here you can find the privacy policy of Google: Your submitted data will be stored and used to inform our management of the festival. You will need to accept this to complete your application. For more information on our privacy policies please visit
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We use Mailchimp as a provider to send out information to all participants concerning their stay with us (here you can find the privacy policy of Mailchimp: Please indicate that you agree to this, so you can complete your application. For information on our privacy policies please visit
We would like to be able to use photographs from the festival to promote it in the future. Please check this checkbox if you are happy that photos of you may be used for this purpose.
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