Writer's Games 2020 Open Registration
Registration for the Writer's Games 2020, Portion 2. This is a free competition to help you develop and strengthen your writing skills in a quick and challenging way. You will receive an automated email receipt of your registration.
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Where applicable, your pen name will be used in the place of your legal name. This includes but is not limited to: Event Winner announcements, the public website, the anthology (72 Hours of Insanity). This is NOT a username but is the name that will appear in print as the author of your entry, should you be published. If you do not wish to use a pen name, please leave this space blank.
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If one of your entries wins and is published, your personal bio will be included in the anthology (72 Hours of Insanity) as a contributing author. Please use this space to create your bio for publication.
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The Writer's Workout requires parental consent for writers under age 18 in accordance with US law.
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