Deanery Speaker Reflection
Please take time to reflect on these questions and answer them fully.
Roy explains that he realized that the reason for his friends’ happiness was that “they had a relationship with Christ and they had a belief in an afterlife in heaven, in something beyond this life right here. They found the best way to live that out was in the Catholic Church.” Why do you think a relationship with Christ and belief in the afterlife leads to a deep happiness? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? *
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Roy gives ten reasons for why teens are so stressed today: the political climate, unhealthy relationships, uncertainty about the future, parental issues, genetics, bullying, lack of failure, busyness, social media, and FOMO. Which two factors contribute most to your levels of stress? Why? *
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How might turning to God, the Church, and the sacraments help you to better cope with these stressors? *
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What is one thing that stood out to you, or that you connected with, in this talk? Explain. *
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