5-8 Library Card Application
Complete one form for each student in grades 5-8.

Please read the Scholars Academy Library Rules below BEFORE completing the form.

1. Upon signing this form below, the student agrees to take good care of the materials he/she checks out from our school library. Minor damage from loving our books is expected, but if a book becomes damaged to such a degree that it is no longer usable by another student, the student will be held liable for the book. Please see below for the guidelines on replacing library materials.

2. Students should only visit the library when it is open. Please do not go into the library and remove books from the shelves without a teacher or library volunteer present.

3. The checkout period for books is two weeks. Books can be renewed provided the book has not been placed on hold by another student. If the book is on hold, the book must be returned by the due date with no opportunity for renewal.

4. Each student will be allowed to have a maximum of five books checked out at any given time.

5. There are no overdue fines. However, a student will not be allowed to check out more books until the overdue book(s) are returned. Students will be notified of overdue books via e-mail. If an overdue book has been out for more than 30 days, the parent will be notified by e-mail. If an overdue book has not been returned by the last day of school, your child’s report card will be held until the book is reconciled.

6. Our school library is comprised almost exclusively of donations. However, if a book is damaged or lost from our collection, it denies anyone else in our school family from enjoying that book. Therefore, if a student irreparably damages or loses a book, he/she will be asked to replace the book with an exact copy in new or excellent condition or he/she will be charged a replacement fee (Paperbacks - $5.00, Hardbacks - $15.00, Non-Fiction Hardbacks and Library Bounds - $20). If a book has been purchased using profits from a bookfair and the replacement cost is known, the student will be asked to pay the replacement cost for the book. A student will not be allowed to check out books from the library until the lost/damaged book has been reconciled. Fines paid will be refunded for up to sixty days after the payment date if the original book is found. After this time period, no refunds will be given. No refunds will be made for fines made in a previous school year.

7. Please note that parents are responsible for monitoring what their child is reading. Some books in the Middle School collection may contain mature content such as: language, violence, sex, drug and alcohol use, etc. Every attempt is made to ensure that the books being offered in our collection are appropriate for middle school students, but families bear the ultimate responsibility to enforce their moral, religious, and social ideals.

8. In addition to receiving access to our traditional library collection, all middle school students will be issued a username and password to access our digital collection upon request. Please refer to the school website (under Academics/Library and select Middle School Digital Collection from the choices on the right) for more information on this added benefit.

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